Tria juncta in uno

Discussion in 'Officers' started by celticwarrioress, Jan 24, 2005.

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  1. Written on all pips is the motto "Tria Juncta In Uno", surrounding three symbols, I know the motto means "three joined in one", but I have no idea why the motto of the order of Bath would be on pips or what the symbols are, can anybody tell me?
  2. Is not the star a miniature of the star of the Order of the Bath? Just as Guards Regiments' stars are miniatures of the stars of other Orders as appropriate?
  3. It is a reference to the three countries that formed the UK more info at
  4. I understand that these three countries were England, Scotland and Ireland, as represented in the Union flag?

  5. There's me thinking it was a reference to the Holy Trinity. What a waste of an education.
  6. Is that a Wah?
  7. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

  8. I really hope this isn't a Wah.....Yes it represents the three countries (or crowns) that are united under the one flag, to represent their Union.

    Before any rampant Welsh nationalists ask - no your flag is not included, because when the Union flag was created, Wales had already joined England and was therefore already part of it; Wales is represented by the cross of St George.
  9. Someone? Anyone????
  10. Apparently not a complete waste, mushroom :wink:
  11. whats a wah?
  12. The Pink from Her Bettiness Site

    "The motto is 'Tria juncto in uno' ('Three joined in one'), a motto first used in James I's (and VI of Scotland) reign. The motto was historically thought to refer either to the Union of England, Scotland and France, or to the Union of England, Scotland and Ireland, or to the Holy Trinity."

    So Wah not wah! :wink:
  13. I'm sure I watched a DVD recently which featured 'Tria Juncta in uno'. The 'uno' in question was a young Czech lady.
  14. Trotsky seems to be attempting the "double wah". As I do not posess the electronic equivalent of a "wah hat" I am unfortunately unable to reply