Tri Services Silhouette

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Gundulph, Sep 23, 2009.

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  1. Couldn't really find the ideal Forum in the site for this so placed here...

    I am looking for the best silhouette that encompasses all three armed services, whether one exists or can be photo shopped I have no idea!?

    There are some excellent Army & Marines ones out there (See Below) but can someone find/come up with an excellent one for the Army/Navy/Air Force together...


    A Tall Order I know! 8O
  2. Maybe the Marine Yomping into Stanley would be ideal as the Falklands represents the Tri-Services coming together against the Odds to overcome an enemy in defence that vastly outnumbered them?!

    Could that be turned into a silhouette with the only colours showing being the Union Jack.

  3. Is there anyone out there 'PhotoShop Savvy' who could make the Yomping Marine a silhouette and the U.J. in colour?

    I am putting something together so whoever can do the above will get one of this special 'something' as a Thank You :wink:
  4. You quite easily colour pop the UJ but turning the marine into a silhouette would be quite difficult, if you tried lifting him from that image and placing him on another it just wouldn't look right.

    Personally I would colour pop the UJ and maybe?? the beret.
  5. Triple post :roll:
  6. Another one :roll:
  7. Okay Thanks re-stilly...

    Is anyone able to find or produce something covering all 3 services then? an ARRSE Challenge Coin as well as a new item pending will be given to anyone who can come up with a decent silhouette... :wink: