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Q: Would you use a members club specifically orientated towards ex-service and serving members of the armed forces :?:

The idea stemmed from my frustration with the general attitude of civilians and the total lack of anywhere to go to “swing the lantern”. In my local area I estimate there to be around 15000 ex and serving members of the tri-services. We have the RBL (as all towns should have) but they do not have regular or a cheap location to hold meeting or functions, there are a number of satellite associations that are again faced with the same problems.

The “club” would serve cheap bear and spirits, food and wine. Have an area separate for functions and events. There would not be a committee to interfere with the running of the club. A considerable percentage (3/4) of the membership fee would be distributed between the tri-services benevolent funds and the remainder held so that on remembrance Sunday, food and drink would be free to members and families.

I hope this idea sparks some interest and some constructive feedback. If you have any ideas please leave a personal message.

Johno Johnson
I'd start by trying to get a story regarding yor initative, published in the local press.

You might gain some feedback , as well as possibly having premises offered by an ex-forces person.

Also, hit the largest websites that service your catchment area, with exactly the same post you made here.

Hope it goes well

I suppose to an extent they already exist in the form of the Army and Navy Club, Naval and Military Club, the Naval Club, and the RAF Club, all of which are open to serving and retired officers of the services. The Guards & Cavalry is open to serving and ex officers of the Household Div as well as a wider ex-service membership. The Union Jack Club, United Services Club, are tri-service clubs that draw members from all ranks not just the officer corps, and the Royal Scots Club in Edinburgh much the same, though they tend to recruit from the Scottish regiments given their location and heritage.

I'm sure there are also service clubs around the country, not just London and Edinburgh, but these would be the established and best known "competition". Most of the London clubs now also recruit from other professions, not just those linked with the forces and the civil service but operate a quota on military/non-military applications, so if you happen to be an architect with no military experience you may find yourself on a waitnig list to join. Most of the London clubs charge about £700-£1000 per year membership with a one-off joining fee of between £0 and £2000 depending on your catagory of membership. Although this sounds steep many have gyms and a couple have swimming pools and the price is comparable to a year's subscription of LA Fitness type places and you get the added facilities of the bars, restauarnts, function rooms, business facilities, and accommodation as well as member services such as discounted travel etc from associated firms.
You forgot the best of them all (In my humble...). Extremely cheap, very friendly, and bang in the centre of town. For frequent passers-through it simply can't be beat. Plus it has most of the better attributes johnno wants. Pity there's only one, though.
Thanks for all the above, I was thinking locally. I'm based in Bedford and other than the basic pub/inn there is nowhere that comes close to even a NAAFI let alone a military mess.

For most people London etc. are a little out of the way for a quick pint when shopping. We have active markets most days of the week and the bus services are very good for the elder statesmen/women but there is limited places they could stop off for soup or tea and coffee or pie and pint in an environment they can feel at home in.

Johno :p

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