tri service walts??

I don't know if this has been done but i've been reading threads on walts and wondered do the other services have them? I've met a bloke who had obviouly watched too much top gun recently who spent the whole night going on about pulling gees and mach 10 and i've met a few blokes who blatantly qualify as army walts but do the navy have them and what do they lie about . If not does that make the army the most glamourous of the services.
probably sniffing diesel in many ports and being on one of the ships near falklands in 82


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Obviously, no-one. Not even the saddest cnut ever would want to be a
ssociated with either Navy or RAF, therefore no walts!

Bait has been cast.
RAF Brampton had a fat copper many years ago who used to drop references to Dhofar into conversations even though he had been no further than the Ducth border.

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