Tri-Service Spitroast - The Holy Grail of Double Headers?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ratcatcher, Jan 2, 2007.

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  1. The holy grail of spitroasts?

    I did stewarding at Wimbledon in the 1990’s – and was always impressed by the general quality of Navy and RAF birdage – it seemed as if their female personnel (well, many of them) were fitter than the Army girls on show, and to be honest, I started working on a plan which had it come off, would have been the ultimate in double-headers, a tri-service spitroast… the plan being Army at one end, and one from each of the other services involved.

    Unfortunately I had a moustache and it never came off, the closest I got was spitroasting some women with her ex-marine boyfriend. Are there any real heroes out there who have actually done a tri-service spitroast? Or am I the only sick pervert who sees this as a goal worth achieving?

  2. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Were you the BallBoy??
  3. A Tri-Service spitroast would be a thing of beauty, but I believe the Holy Grail is actually the tri-species spitroast. I'm sure it woudn't take much to convince a randy chimp to go head to head with you on a compliant sheep or placid labrador.
  4. that i would like to see...always enjoyed animal farm 8O
  5. Interesting idea, but getting hold of a chimp might be difficult.

    How about, Animal, Vegetable, Mineral sex?

    Make a suitably sized hole in a pumpkin, and shove a rock up your arrse, job done!
  6. obviously the recipe would be

    fit blonde crab bint in the middle

    Salior 'balls deep' from the rear (normal point of entry for a matelot)

    Soldier at the head, being given head 8)
  7. Only aslong as the sailor is blind folded and gagged (they way they like it... or so im told 8O) as the randy bugger me be eyeing you up while going at the crabs ring with his mighty midget. Dont want a sailor lad giving you a wee limp wristed wave with a "cooie honey", may lose his teeth knowing some of you lot :D Then again it would make him awfully popular with his mates.
  8. forgot to add a Marine along side the Matelot
    Just to make it 'airtight' :lol:
  9. Now settle down, you've got this all wrong.

    Firstly, acquire a compliant/submissive mong/growler (her word against the finest traditions of the Services). Jack, as is his right, goes up the back; a crab could squeeze himself sideways into the main event, and Tommy goes for the throat.

    You need to think laterally if you're going to be considered for purple jobs.
  10. On completion of the above evolution, would all participants qualify for the fabled "purple wings"?
  11. Does this make it a quadruple-service spit roast, the holy mecca of double headers?

    In fact we should go for DADV (double anal, double vaginal) and one in each hand, and one in the face spit-roast, however running out of services for this octo-service spit roast action, so would have to add a copper, a traffic warden, the very nice AA man, and some c*nt from Burger King......

  12. I think your missing the point genlemen.
    Theres only one way to do it.
    Get yourself a game RAF chick, take her to Army v Navy in May, find a game RN Chick......................Bingo.............

    "Who me the BoS alone in a foreign city full of minx's, with my reputation................"
  13. Yep definatelt the way forward BOS!!!