Tri Service Policing

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by combatwatchdog, Aug 14, 2010.

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  1. With the results of the SDR due at the end of October, what are the chances that the Service Police will be forced to amalgamate - is this such a bad thing anyway?
  2. Doesnt seem to work at the moment....but under one PM, might change for the better (hopefuly the RMP way!!)
  3. TBH I can't see SDSR NOT making the recommendation. As to how it will work is another question, I can't see a true purple policing unit being the outcome.
    However, I can see an argument for having just the 1 PM, with single service DPM's under him to represent the individual organisations. That would cut out 2 whole HQ organisations with their hanger ons, and would allow for a more cohesive approach. Specialist areas could be fully integrated, such as Hich Tech crime, CSI etc, whilst still retaining some Corporate identity.
    Muffin Kicker, what do you see purple wise that doesn't work? The Joint units seem to work just fine (CJPU, JSPSU), there is simply a reticence by some to go that step further.
  4. Who's coming to sea then? Fancy driving the ship, sorting out the post, and the other stuff that takes up 90% of our Regulator's time at sea?
  5. Is that not kind of the point? Should they really be taking up time doing menial tasks or should they be Policemen? Remember, they are not Regulators anymore, it has finally been recognised that the Navy require Policing, not Regulating.

    The point is that I don't think we would be going fully 'Purple' in the short term, we will be rationalising what we have in the way of HQ's, but as a loner term aspiration, why not have a fully integrated Service Police, with people specialising in the Maritime Branch, the Garrison Policing Branch etc etc.
  6. Red hats mixed with white hats would make the new combined hats..... pink?

  7. Well now you mention it, very few actually...seeing as you aren't going to have as many boats as you once did.

    As for checking the post, splicing the mainbrace, swabbing the decks, manning the crows nest and making tea for the more productive members of the ship's company, if that's what you do, then they should seriously look at your worth. 90% of your time doing menial tasks? Bit of a waste of taxpayers money aren't you? Your role appears to be dwindling by the day and you squire are ripe for the cull, or a serious reduction in pay at least.
  8. Lordie. I think I've cracked a rib.
  9. Given that only one of the three PMs is actually a policeman, then it wouldn't be difficult to work out who should get the chop. At the last count the RN fella was an ex cook and the RAF bloke was former aircrew. The problem with the other two Arms is that they view the PM role as a 'job for the boys' and as a consequence, they end up with people who are only marking time until pension day.

    If they are serious about reducing the number of senior Officers in the Services, they could do with having a good look at the RAF PM and his Naval equivalent.
  10. Mate, I hold no brief with the RN Police - I'm not one, don't want to be one, never will be one. However, life at sea mans you just can't wait to "be a policeman", because frankly you'd be overpaid and massively under-worked. The solution may be that we turn to Cox'n's on all Ships (i.e. other branches who've done a quick and dirty regulator's course), and cut entirely the RN Police. I really couldn't give a damn!
  11. Oh, and I'm pretty sure Naval PM is a Cdr, only just a "Senior Officer", and one of about 12 RN Police in the rank of an Officer. It really doesn't compare to the RMP!
  12. Guns

    Guns LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. The Royal Navy

    The Naval PM is an ex-Cook because the Navy feels that you should become a Regulator (or RN Police) it would be nice to have a few years under your belt, lived a bit. You can't apply unless you are recommended as a Leading Hand (Cpl) and selected. So of course he is an ex-Chef, he could be an ex AB Mine Warfare or ex Marine Engineer.

    Of course I am sure the Army like their system of taking straight in but we feel the little extra experience helps.

    On a ship no one, and I mean no one, has one single job. Everyone has secondary duties. Post however is done by the Writers but the LReg will be one of the specialist Helmsman, have other leadership functions say as Deck Cleaning Coord or running a roster.
  13. Yep, all 3 branches subsumed into one corporate police service. Now for a catchy unit name.................MoD Plod anybody?

    Not going to happen, not for any of my drivel, more likely Guns more informed view, above.

    Except the Snow Drops of course.
  14. Guns

    Guns LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. The Royal Navy

    It is hard getting the barrier up at the right time. Takes years to practice.
  15. Another fine case of Tri service understanding. Warships are not cruise ships. There are no passengers. Unlike establishments where the redcaps can sit around swigging tea and eating doughnuts waiting for the batphone to ring the reggies have to work their part of ship as well.

    I can see the reasoning for a single military police role. However, having had dealings with reggies and redcaps I can honestly say that the reggies were by far and above the better of the lot primarily for the fact that they had lived in the mess, worked the ships routines and actually had a grasp of how the world worked. The Redcaps were on the lines of real coppers, until they had a few years under their belt they needed to be regularly pulled up by their more experienced brethern. On a small ship you may only have a reggie.

    (Wanders off realising I have just supported the regulators in something.......How time outside softens the old antagonisms.

    Editted to add: Failed to post in time and Guns has covered on off my points.