Tri Service Police Lapel Badge

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Hellmans, Oct 8, 2009.

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  1. New to UK Challenge Coins

    An enamel lapel badge featuring the Tri Service Emblem with chequered band around the edge.

    Hopefully these may become available at Southwick Park but for now they are available online, full write up and online shop (last item) on teh website above.

    Helping Hols4H


    MM :D


  2. Mate, I would as always like to support HFH, I would much prefer however to subscribe, as I am sure my 'close' brethren would, a singular Military Police Service badge. That's a bit like saying who would like an Infantry badge. More to the point you would, in my humble opinion sell more.
  3. There are probably loads of those on fleabay, hence we went for something different. It was mainly intended for Ex Forces who are now in teh 999 services, hence the three colours available.

    Monkeys were an afterthought, as they should be :p :p :p

  4. I am an ex monkey and ex bill, does that count. can we have a link to a picture please.
  5. Piccy added to first post, also available in Red and Green for Fire, coastguard and medical personnel / ex forces
  6. Strangely enough I am rather taken with the red. Where do we order and how do we pay?
  7. Water Waster Walt! :D
  8. ????
  9. Eh :?
  10. Yes buddy, I resigned.
  11. Can I have one of your nice badges please?
  12. No joke is funny when you have to explain it... I'm getting my coat!
  13. Notty, click on the link in the first post.
  14. I'll have an ounce of what your smoking then please.
  15. C_J, it would have worked better if you called him a Trumpton walt, he might have understood it then. :D