Tri Service No No?

A colleague applied to Crabs as flight crew. Failed medical on basis of a. Wants to look at other services. Is fit. Is this a RAF or Tri Service issue?
I shall refrain from making the obvious comment that the RAF clearly have higher standards. :D

Are you saying that having been turned down for aircrew with the RAF, your colleague has been classed fit by the RN and Army as aircrew, or in ground trades?
Apparently if the matter had come to light whilst already in flight crew, it would not be a problem. What I am trying to find out is whether this is specific to RAF or RAF Flight Crew, in which case he can apply to Navy or Army (NOT in flying roles e.g. Inf). He obviously doesn't want to waste his time, and I am trying to find where it would be explicitly stated. If it is a problem then he can take up a job offer in another field entirely.
Aircrew medical employment standards are generally higher than those required for ground trades. If a problem is diagnosed after an individual has become aircrew it's a matter for the medical board - some people can continue flying but in a restricted capacity e.g. no ejector seats, multi-crew a/c only etc, on top of any geographic or other restrictions; they will generally err on the side of caution. Similarly in ground trades; I know of diabetics who were diagnosed whilst serving, who can stay in but are restricted to base areas only, temperate climates, no shift work and must have opportunity for regular meals (sounds like any staff job!). There are some conditions that are a bar to enlistment, and others which would be a bar to certain trades. In any case, these situations tend to be dealt with on an individual basis and potential recruits are usually sent to an MDHU for military consultant opinion. The AFCO should have details of conditions that are a bar to enlistment; if you have DII you can check out the DMSD site for details of documents like SG Policy Letters that may have details of specific trade restrictions.

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