Tri-Service Individual!!!!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by greengoblin, Jul 28, 2006.

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  1. Know I will probably get loads of flack for this..................

    wait for it.................

    Just wanted to know if anyone had ever heard of anyone having been in two services being allowed to transfer to another????????

  2. Yes.
  3. cheers for that! How about some details.................
  4. Well, someone might be justified in questioning your commitment. Your just a walking training budget arnt you.
  5. RM to Army to RAF.
  6. no actually justa couple of bad choices

    Commitment I am not lacking in. Have always given my best and have transferable skills!!!!!!!!!
  7. Flash,

    Was this the RM who flew a Scout into the sand and flew through the windscreen in his seat?

    On waking up and trying to walk was screaming "I'v broke me back"....only to find he was still strapped in?

    Or someone else ?

    Ahh Lynx with half tyres on the skids - the good old days.
  8. Evidently you are.
  9. No, just made a few mistakes on the career front. The way I figure it I could sit around in light blu for another 30 years on my ass which being in light blue will inevitably get bigger

    OR I could work a lot harder, probably get a lot more cr@p but get a lot more satisfaction.

    Just wanted to know if it was feasible.
  10. And what's to say you won't change your mind in your new service. Again? I agree with Boney on this one. I'd doubt you'd be able to stay committed. What trades were you in the RN & Crabs?
  11. Its great to get judged by people who don't even know me. Whats on paper isn't always the best reflection. I have nothing against the other services, just want a bit more action. Feel like a civvy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Out of professional curiosity, what trades were you????
  13. You only have one life!!!!!!!!!!
    I want to make the most of it.
    Having regrets about your whole life so young sucks!!!!!!
  14. And because your a free spirit, the tax payer should foot the bill every time you fancy a change and a new challenge? How about finding a new challenge in the RAF. What about trying to go to TCW or the RAF Regt or SF Support Regt? Do you think transfering to the Army would make any difference, or would you try that for a bit, realise you'd made another mistake and leave?

    Your regrets are not the Army's (or the taxpayers) problem. Why not try and make a niche for yourself and add value in the service you have already chosen to transfer into?