Tri-Service Clerks

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Soldier_Why, Feb 18, 2003.

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  1. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    With the advent of JPAS it seems that all clerical training will take place in a tri-service clerical training school (not Worthy Down pleeeeeeease!).

    Is this the end of the AGC?

    Will there now be 4 services - RN, Army, RAF and Shiny Arse?

    Will we have to wear purple uniforms?

    Does anyone really care?
  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Not W/Down - probably RAF Halton, purely on the grounds that it is a crab site.  Logically, it would be more profitable to sell Halton (worth ££££££'s) and move to W/Down (worth F*** all) but since when were crabs subject to the same cost controls as the rest of the world?
  3. It's a plot that the RAF have conceived to take over the army.  They are jealous of us living in ditches while they slum it in 5 star hotels on NRSA.

    First clerical training, then engineering.  Who knows what next.

    We should privatise the RAF and get Richard Branson to air taxi us around the world.  we may get there on time :mad:
    Keep army clerical training with the Army....they do it best
  4. The RAF aint gonna sell halton thats for sure, they thought about about 10 years ago and it seemed like a good money making idea....until some young Airman reminded them that the land was not theirs to sell as it belongs to the Rothschild estate...that put paid to that idea.

    They moved in their phase I trainining making it their only ATR and then also their phase II training for storemen, clerks, RAF police, and catering then closed down the units that they had come from....Swinderby, hereford,Newton and catterick.

    The latest plan for halton is to be the Home of the Police training school for the joint service Police, Ie RMP RAFP and Naval Provo...should be a fun place eh?

    Havent heard that the clerks are going there yet tho?

    How do I know this you ask? I have a little lady friend there. :roll:
  5. The training is being 'purplified' at a location yet to be decided (although Halton is hot favourite I am told). Good old Worthy Down looks set for the axe around 2007/2008, as there won't be any major unit left there once the school and AFPAA move out.

    The issue of cross posting clerks between services was bought up at a JPA presentation I attended recently - the DS answer was that ther were no plans to cross post at present.

    Watch this space .......
  6. Could always put in an Inf regt from germany? That might solve a few of our problems!

    Tri Service clerks - not a bad idea, can't really see it happening though. Less clerks, yes, as a lot of JPA functionality will be done by soldiers themselves!
  7. What rank structure would they use?

    Or is this the start of MOD Civil Service being put into a uniform?
  8. Don't kid yourself, Worthy Down is worth millions and millions. It is located on a brownfield site with all amenities already plumbed in (little planning permission req). It is a few miles from Winchester (not cheap) and has v.quick access to the M3 and therefore is in the commuter zone to both London and Southampton. It is a developers dream for those horrible little legoland executive homes. Expect to see it sold off by the end of the decade!
  9. Training - no. Reality - yes.

    The RN, for example, do not have clerks. They have Writers (quaint old Navy term) and form part of the logistics branch of the RN. The have secondary fire duties on board ship - which army, RM and RAF clerks do not.

    The RM clerks are all Cdo trained (with daggers and stuff) prior to their employment as clerks. This means they are more employable within the unit in different roles. The same cannot be said for army clerks as they undertake no specific training for any particular unit (ie - they do not learn AS90 on posting to a RA unit etc).

    The RAF clerks are only employed as far down as unit level (RHQ equivalent), not sub-unit level like army clerks.

    In summary, the action of administering someone should be the same for all three services - but secondary duties constitute an important factor in the decision to cross-post clerical staff to other services. Without re-training the clerical personnel of all three services, or changing the ethos of one or more of the single services, I think we can safely say cross posting is not an imminent event!
  10. I think Old Salt has got it all wrapped up:

    This is (if it is true) part of TriService rationalisation: why do we need three or four of everything? The primary role can be taught centrally - clerking - and the seconadry role - firefighting etc can be taught centrally. So a RN writer could get his clerking skills in on eplace with all the other clerks and then go on his firefighters course with all the other firefighters. Drummers can learn music centrally (one assumes that Army, Navy and Marine drums are similar) and then go back to being something else. It is already the case in the Army wheer drummers come from the RAC and Inf predominantly and go to the 'Army' school as opposed to Inf or RAC schools.

    It is not a dilution - it appears to work for helicopter pilots so why not for clerks. It will in fact make the standard more robust and credible when people start working in a Joint environment like PJHQ so everyone knows what they can expect.

    I hope it saves some money for the sharper end of things.
  11. No problems with the sentiment of what you are saying. I didn't say we couldn't do it - just not in the short term. And I am sure that all army and RAF clerks would be pleased to hear that their RN couterparts receive HR pay in certain ranks in recognition of their secondary duties, so not sure of your money saving initiative!

    And training is already under the tri-service banner. Worthy Down is now the Defence College of Police and Personnel Administration - though the school looks like it will move before long to another site.
  12. We tried to make the clerks do some ammo humping on exercise in Hohne as we were a little short staffed and the clerks and chefs were doing f all. Chefs did a great job, but the less said about the clerks the better.

    The Bty clerks were employed as drivers - although one nearly killed his BK and one was sacked by the BSM within hours.

    Perhaps clerks should just stay as that clerks. If they had wanted to be soldiers they would have joined the Infantry etc