Tri-Service Board??


Not my idea, but I was asked in another thread whether or not I thought a joint (Tri-Service) Board was a good idea.  I am neutral on this - enough threads for me to satisfy my curiosity and make me giggle, but other members might support the idea.  Over to you all.....

Bad CO

There is one out there but I can't remember the URL - its mainly orientated at the lower decks though.  Not like our esteemed organ which caters to everyone!


Maybe bi-service? anyone want to promote it in the navy and suggest a name for it?
So we're keeping the Crabs out of it Boss?

Or are we going to include the Pie fleet, RAF Regt and the Chinook and (ex)Wessex mates?


War Hero
Keep the Crabs out.

Something as scalable as a tri-service site could only be run by a technically competent organisation like the RAF.

How is it that there is hardly any Army in the DCSA, are you all busy still trying to get Bowman to work?

Looking around this site at AH 64 and Challenger air-filter threads, why don't you keep to the technical areas you excell at best:

Trooping the Colour and picking up litter?
Was that the total RAF contribution to the exercise?

Oh well old habits die hard I guess  ;D


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Do the RAF need to contribute to the exercise old chap?

As perhaps a more tolerant service we have had bbs running in the margins of CHOtS and ASMA for some years now.  Why not simply ask some of your Signals chaps how this can be done?

If you need any technical help with this pm me, I'm sure we can help.

We don't feel we have to exclude threads such as those on arrse from our networks, apart from some of those vulgar images, which can eat up the bandwidth.

The Army have had BBS's running on the margins for years Adastra. However, the concept of a "Tri-Service" board is new. I appreciate, there will be the usual "Inter-service" rivalry, and at the very start, non-co-operation (Virtual life imitates real life) but that's not what the concept is about.

If you look at the Mil Aviation thread on the other means, then some of the more prolific contributors, could certainly be asked, subject to the consent of the board owners here, to contribute, within a military framework.

Certain threads are/have been excluded, as inappropriate for a services board. At the end of the day, we, all of us want to appear professional, to our peers, our seniors and of course, any potential new recruits to all 3 services. Just because a civilian contributes here, does not mean he wants to specifically join the Army....

As I say, it is just an idea we're kicking around at the moment, but there appear to be a number of sky-blue polers, who are getting upset at the number of civilians asking , or making totally BONE contributions on the other means.

I don't want to pre-emp[t or second guess the Bosses intentions as regards a Tri-Service facility, but, I imagine the start will be little acorns, and see how it goes from there. If after reading this, you, or a crew room mate would be interested, then let's all talk. We don't care if your aircrew or essential staff  ;D

Who knows, if all 3 services start talking along common informal themes, we might see some good things coming out of it?

....and is that you under there Murph?

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