Discussion in 'Infantry' started by bleepster, Jan 26, 2006.

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  1. Quick question.

    Would the Army,Navy,RAF be able to be fully intergrated,wear the same cap badge and would it work?

    Over to you.......
    Try again in English, and without shouting
  3. The People's Republic of China do it.

    (CLUE: NO)
  5. In an answer no !!!!
  6. Quick answer.

    Go away, don't be silly, there a good troll.
  7. Ask a Canadian.
  8. - Why would it not work?
    - The government Are thinking of it.!!
  9. What's your name?. John Reid.
  10. Did they tell you ? In short the whole of HM Forces are based on tradition .If the Navy,Army and RAF became as one
    the whole thing would lose its identity .We are all run totally different with vast differences in doctraine , manning,
    uniform ,tradition, skills,thats just skimming the surface .By your question i can tell you have never served in the forces
    or this is a wah . I am sure there are many more intelligent members than me on arrse who can answer your question
    in a more ''academic'' style so i will let them carry on . I do have question for you . Are you a journo????
  11. USMC anyone? They do it, and do it pretty well. OK so they have no deep-blue capability, but the rest of it is pretty much there.

    This is probably worthy of more serious debate (as long as them in green wear the trousers!)
  12. i don't think it would work. Even though we all have the same basic military skills , we have different trades which are needed in different areas.

    I mean , would you fancy the idea of me flying a plane near your house??????????
  13. Uh??? We seem to manage with different trades within our services at present, in case you hadn't noticed.
  14. i met a red army gymnast once on a train.
  15. I think the USMC is a good model for our expeditionary based force structure....and I can't think of a single corporate cultural aspect of the RAF that is worth retaining. The officers are chavs, the airmen are all gay, and they p1ss away a disproportionate amount of the defence budget on planes which don't have ground attack capability. And (did I mention this?)..they're gay as a Liberal Democrat contender in a Turkish Bath. With a Maglite up his arse.