Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by the_baron, Jun 16, 2007.

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  1. Watched the both the Boks scrap a win against the Aussies and the Canucks show the Frogs how to play against the All Blacks. I thought the Boks were going to easily win their match...

    It is beginning to look more and more likely that unless all filghts out of NZ are cancelled for the whole of Sept and Oct the All Blacks will win Bill back after 20 years. Any one got another (realisitc) opinion?

    After watching a lot of the south hemisphere coverage I'm a little concerned they are all a bit mad and not watching the same games, results as me. Case in point last week the Aussies were chuffed that their first team beat the Fiji by the same margin that the Junior All Blacks beat Fiji! Doesnae sound too bad until you hear this week that the Junior All Blacks gubbed the Aussie A team by 7 tries to nil.

    Hopefully the Senior All Blacks stove in the Boks next week to knock some of their hot air out. After today's win you'd think it was an away win not a home one. Next week and their away fixtures will show their true RWC potential.
  2. As a Canuck, I was proud of the boys today! It does show the difference in class between the 1st string teams and the 2nd stream. Fortunately they don't let NZ Maori field a team in the world cup as it would surely be the 2nd favourites!
  3. After watching the Churchill Cup the last couple of years, and rememberibg some of the feet (or is that leg ends!?) of Canada in the Premiership (Gareth Rees for Wasps, what a star) over the years, there is a massive need for at least a Plate competition in the RWC with most of the revenue of that going to teams playing in it! It was great watching that big boigger Mike Pike charge off down the field for his try. The Kiwi commentators seemed a little shocked that he didn't get caught! But fair play both them and the crowd for their appreciation of the Canucks! Top Job both on and off the pitch.

    As as for the Maori, they are rated below the Junior All Blacks as well!!!!! I think, somebody care to correct me.

    I know that the Juniors are the A side equivalent to the Saxons et al and the Maori have to be able to trace their roots to the original inhabitants/families of NZ but not who is the 'better' team.
  4. Anyone watch yesterday's game between the All Blacks and Springboks? Jeez, that was intense rugby like I've seldom seen it, ABs coming from behind to score 2 late tries to clinch it. A preview of the RWC final?

    One thing's for sure, those opensides from each team are the best in the game at the moment. McCaw's scavenging on the ground is unmatched, while Burger's incredible workrate around the field on both attack & defense is just phenomenal.

    Glad to see the traditional rivalry is back, it went missing for a few years there.
  5. Obelix

    My hands were still shaking an hour later. What a cracking, intense, full-bore game.

    Well done Boks & Blacks.
  6. Glad you also enjoyed it Timmy, thought the level of intensity was just something else. And it's nice to see that NZ at least has some competition for the world cup, cos that Bok team was missing 5 starting players, one of whom was the captain Smit, and another Brian Habana. Definitely no shame in being 18-9 vs the All Blacks with only 15min to go, missing a third of your team.

    I think SA should just write off the rest of the Tri Nations and send a B-team. You could see they were getting burnt out, and can't afford any more injuries, while the Kiwi players have just missed half the season so far by being on a conditioning camp.
  7. Very exciting game. A good wake up call to the Boks as well. Their scrum looked a little creaky and they lost a fair bit of ball at the ruck.

    So still work to do but a creditable result played at 'sea level' and nobody having the sh1ts.

    Looking forward to the RWC.
  8. Still say it would've been a different result if Carter had packed the right boots. Plus they only just squeaked past Australia last week.

    Lets see how the Boks do away from home, without the backing of the 16th man i.e. the crowd. As a bit of a cynic, plus watching an absolute heap of rugby overs the years in both hemispheres, there is a tendancy that the home side get a little bit more benefit of the doubt from the officials.
  9. That game was awesome. Particularly enjoyed the fact that for the first time in a long time (since last time they were in SA) the All Blacks actually might have lost?! Great game and looking forward even more to my trip to Edinburgh to watch All Blacks v Scotland.
  10. That'll be because they'd already sewn up the Tri-Nations and were effectively on the urine. They were staying in Sun City FFS.

    Jammy {insert swear word here}. Then again was at the game the last time they came across and didn't have to mortgage the house. Oh yeah and was at RWC 2003. :twisted: (Only the Scotland Romania game this time though)
  11. That game last year was by no means a dead rubber. NZ, if they'd won the game, would've set the world record for most consecutive test wins in a row.

    Far more to worry about for the Kiwis than the Saffas. NZ only scratched a win with (an admittidly awesome) final flourish. SA were missing a 3rd of their starting line-up, as well as their captain, as already mentioned.

    Can't see any other side being a realistic challenge to the All Blacks later this year. Would like to say France, but with the past few years' results (on Fr soil), the ABs definitely have the mental advantage.
  12. Had to sell my first born, but it does mean my brother and I get to go.
    Also going to the Fiji Canada game in Cardiff (suprisingly much easier to get tickets for!)
  13. I can quite easily see New Zealand V South Africa being the RWC final. I'd say they're the best 2 in the world at the moment. However, I might put a sneaky wager on Ireland getting that far if they're lucky.

    Anyone here watch SA rugby internally (i.e. provincial domestic games)? I hear it's pretty exciting.
  14. I see the All Blacks taking the cup, despite having two locks out injured just now. SA ran them close yesterday but the Kiwis pulled their finger out in the last 15 minutes. Someone suggested to me that Argentina are a possible, he is however but young. Yes Prae I mean you :)
  15. But not on their third choice engine room! The ABs biggest current worry is their horrendous injury list in the lock/2nd row department. Yeah, yeah I know their back department of the bench has more class on it than most teams start with but without a decent set piece...

    Bring on the RWC! :twisted: