TRG22 and S&B PMII for sale?

I might be selling my TRG22.

TRG22 Green stock, phosphated barrel. .308 win.
Sako one piece three ring scope mount
Schmidt and Bender PmII 5-25 x 56 illuminated reticle scope
Sako Bipod
2x magazines
Fitted Pelicase
Bore guide. Bolt tool. Manuals etc.

This will shoot 0.8" groups at 400 yards. It's as good as off the shelf rifles get and better than most "accurised" cheaper rifles.

To buy new this would be:
Rifle 2,878
Scope mount 250
Scope 2,526
Sako bipod 390
Spare magazine 120
Fitted Pelicase 250

I make that £6414 to buy new. The rifle shows some marks from usage but has been looked after and performs as new.

I'm not very keen to sell it but may do if made a suitable offer.

Offers by PM, Valuation suggestions on here if you wish.


Folks I have shot this rifle and can vouch for the condition and accuracy!
Probably just as well. I can imagine a buyer asking for a refund because the "0.8" groups at 400 yards" wasn't working.


Book Reviewer
So you're one of those teaser things then!
Ha ha!

No not really. Been hit pretty hard by the previous Govt's economic legacy and came close to having a fire sale. Things are picking up a bit just now so I should be able to keep hold of it.

I can thoroughly recommend the TRG. It's something that you would NOT want to sell unless you had to!

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