Trg Maj re-named Ops Maj

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Yaris, Sep 25, 2005.

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  1. So what's this all about then, the Trg Maj's of a certain Bde re-named Ops Maj!
  2. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    2 Sig Bde? Yes it's true. :D

    Dunno what it means though... dawn of a new wossname?
  3. Ever tried turning up at a Bde HQ run by G3 snobs of the Inf and Cav type to provide them with their operational comms and introduce yourself as a Trg Maj - it just doesn't have the same ring or weight behind it as an Ops Offr or Ops Maj. Bde would have done this a long time ago, but had to get over the historic MS issues as a Trg Maj is a 'comd' earning tick, whereas an Ops Offr of a regular regt is not. Looks like they have now got this sorted.

    As ever,

  4. ..maybe Hob but there's huge tracts of TA where Trg Maj means much more (years of understanding of the role) than 'Ops Maj' ever will (sounds like a TA post now).

    Maybe the Regs didn't understand it, but the TA did. Most trg Maj's I know grew to be very proud of the role and understood it's meaning for the TA.

    Is this fiddlin' at the edges - when in doubt, change the name?

    What happened to the Regiments Ops Offcr?

    Where does it fit in rebalancing? are Units about to be taken over by Regulars even more than already planned?.
  5. Stab,

    1. 'Units about to be taken over by Regulars' - I don't think so!! The fight that we have had to keep enough on the establishment to maintain the eqpt and to carry out the specialist roles associated with R SIGNALS activity has been immense - believe me. All units will actually be taking a cut in Regular manpower as a result of the thumbscrews applied by HQ LAND .

    2. I am sure that all Ops Majs (or Ops Offrs) will grow to be very proud of their role (in the average 2 years that they remain in post) just as they do with their Trg Maj role - it is exactly the same role. Trg Maj is very clearly understood at unit level in 2 Sig Bde, but not by Regular Brigadiers commanding Regional Brigades. In their minds a Trg Maj is just that - someone who looks after trg - not an Ops Offr empowered to conduct estimates and deliver ICS capability to them when reqd.
  6. What a load of b0ll0cks and a dreadful slur on our Regional Bde Comds. Presumably you've never been to a Trg Majs' Conference at a Bde HQ or spoken to a Bde COS.

    And, whilst I can't speak for 2 Sig Bde, the Ops Offr at RHQ in almost every TA Unit I've come across used to be a TA Post for a Capt(V) to asist the TM(Reg).
  7. Certain TA units were using the title OPS/TRG MAJ back in 1992.Very light on the ops side but the usage made the regulars feel valued.With regard to the RHQ OPS OFFR slot I have seen this used as a cunning slot for a buckshee regular (we used to have them back in those days)
  8. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Ops Officers in TA Bns (and I can speak for at least three Capbadges/Arms of Service ere) have been in place (although not always filled) for many, many years.

    This does indeed sound slightly suspicious to me - but then again it may be just a strange scaley aberration.
  9. Perhaps it's as simple as making a distinction between J3/G3 and J7/G7....
  10. Hobgoblin,

    is this a problem that you have with the Bde that provide admincon, for your HQ's location?

  11. Yeah? Is this a charitable 'go on then, have another go'? Trg Maj is normally the death-knell of any career and the man behind this particular desk will invariably be older, bitter, passed over, reactionary and lacking in imagination and 'hates the TA w@nkers' almost as much as he hates MS, anyone his age who's a Lt Col, anyone smiling, subalterns and anyone else on his 'list of the day'. The OCs will remonstrate weekly with the CO that, once again, the TM has had the quarterly training conference without informing anyone except his beloved (regular) PSIs and that they want him to sort the man out before everyone leaves the battalion.......

    Any OCs or coy 2ics out there: go on, tell me I'm wrong!
  12. I haven't heard about it it in my patch - maybe it's just a 2 Bde thing.

    Who's going to do the training then? - presumably the same bloke. Funny old thing, we have a TA Ops offcr who does the Ops estimates and a reg Trg Maj who manages the trg across the Regt. If it ain't broke....?
  13. Like our last one? 29 years old, spent time in OTC & TA, and has just moved on (rapidly) on to Staff College for a year. Must vary from Regt to Regt, Virtually all the ones I have seen are newly promoted, hugly enthusiastic, and hoping for a Coy Comd slot in two years.
  14. That slightly narks me, I've spent many weeks doing courses so I can provide ICS plans and estimates etc but I'll never do it .. until its the real thing :!: .... PSI's & others do it instead.
  15. When I was, you were (except in the case of a few notable exceptions who prove your rule - but isn't that the case in any job?).