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  1. I'm a TA CMT with an Artillery Regt. I'm getting some serious grief from PSIs and other worthies about RAMC TRFs. I explain politely and then graphically that the RAMC doesn't have a TRF except for the Para medics. Is there a TRF or not I do know that the RADC has a TRF but does the RAMC? Can somebody help???? :? :?
  2. A Red Cross will do fine for me.
  3. TA Inf CMT- I wear the same TRF as my unit. My RAMC stable belt and rank slide. I am sure that there was a thread about this some months ago?

    Will check the search facility...................................
  4. Here it is! Started by our old friend Smithy........ :lol:
  5. I would have to say a nice ovoid dull cherry flash would be nice but no a red cross on a white background ? how original !