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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by BuggerAll, Nov 28, 2006.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I apologise because I know this subject was raised sometime before but..

    I thought that the AMS was being rather grown up and declining to join in with this rather juvenile military fashion of TRF badges, but today I saw the new RAMC and QARANC TRF's Oh dear!

    Can anybody tell me what the TRFs are for? I can understand the tactical usefulness of being able to recognise other members of yuor battlegroup - ie the airborn DZ patch, but what is the tactical reason for recognising what regiment or corps a soldier is in.

    In fact that could lead to confusion - a cook (RLC) serving with an infantry battlegroup might be mistaken for a trucky (RLC) in an LSR. Or an Evironmental Health Officer (RAMC) might be mistaken for a Doctor.

    How does it help me, tactically, if I can identify that a soldier belongs to one of the 7 battallions of the Royal regiment of Scotland - and he may not be serving with one of the 7 Scottish battlegroups.

    And how does it help, tactically, to be able to identify the RAF?
  2. It helps to identify the RAF, so you dont make the mistake of relying on them. Other than that, this is just the "in" fashion. It serves no useful purpose.
  3. ARRRGH! in th ebest Commando Comic traditions!
  4. Nope, sorry we've got them in the RLC and barring giving the CoC something else to to pick individuals up for, can't think of any tactical reason.

    Your line of "juvenile military fashion" sums it up I think.

    PS Are you expected to purchase your own?
  5. Idea for ARRSE shop.... ARRSE TRFs " for those who don't give a flying uck"
  6. I think the Consultants call it Corporate Identity. It's important to show who's actually sponsoring you. Commercial practice; it's tomorrow, today!
  7. Brilliant!!!!! :) (Take a bow!)

    Cheers Easy!
  8. I'd have thought DPM was a fairly good corporate image, along with capbadges
  9. And the colours, while very pretty and accessorise nicely with my belt in barracks, are hardly tactical.

    I am still on the look out for subdued ones just to pee people off, "Well Sir, they are supposed to be 'tactical'..."
  10. It gives seniors and officers an excuse to shout at the blokes when they cant think of any other reason to imho.
  11. Its utter bollocks and of no tactical purpose whatsoever. I do not wear a TRF or a Brigade flash. Still waiting to be picked up for it. If they are so important then the army can issue them to me and get them tailored on to my uniforms.

    I suspect the real reason is that the arrival of C95 as in-barracks working dress has upset those who prefer to wear shiny trousers and prettify their barrack dress with all manner of silly adornments such as shiny shoulder titles and funny coloured jumpers. The dam has now burst and all these loons now want to f#ck about the troops by getting them sew lots of non-tactical silliness all over their combats.

    My suggestion is to adopt a universal low profile DPM TRF worn on both sleeves - you won't even have to get your housewife out.
  12. or just not bother at all, the only badge you should wear is the Union Flag, so the septics can confuse us with the Eastonians!
  13. I have ticked and moaned about these stupid things since i was told to wear them. The way i see it is the only people who need to know what regiment/ trade you are is your unit. Your unit should know who their personel are and what trade they are, if they dont then they should bother their arrses to find out and not have to rely on a stupid bit of clothe. The idea of the DZ flash was so units could find each other after a drop when they were literally spread to the winds. The only idea i can see for the TRF is so someone could waste the armys ever decreasing budget and get an MBE by doing it.

    It is a terrorists dream for us to label the targets for them . Once theyve looked on the internet to determin which pretty badge is the paras and which one is the RLC they just have to wait for the soft target. And i'm sick of having to tell the guys on exercise to put more cam cream on when they have a big shiny patch stuck to their arm.
  14. Load of old B*llocks, turning us into Boy scouts.
  15. TRFs are complete tosh. We were given them not long before deploying to Afg. So, a few sewed them on to dessies. After all, theyre a tactical recognition flash.. designed for use in the field, etc rather than in barracks. But then, we were told to remove them, 'sanitise your kit guys..'

    Why do we even bother?!

    Sod it. I refuse to go in to work this Saturday. I will stay in bed protesting.