TRFs on left sleeve

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by A_Knocker_Till_The_End, Apr 10, 2009.

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  1. recently seen a few lads within the corps, nornally those of the dettol badge wearing persuasion, wearing their TRF on the left sleeve of their uniform.

    any reason for this or just "cause we can" scenario????

  2. Might be because they have the Commando Brigade Flash on the right, not 24, so just a guess
  3. the dettol badge is on the right, brigade apparently takes precedence over corps so corps moves....looks farking weird at first though!!
  4. the dettol badge was on the left as normal on the lads i saw then they had the TRF below that.
  5. Badges,, Badges you don't need no Badges, We aRE we aRE
  6. I'm usuallly the last bloke to worry about such things but FFS! Some fcuking brigade takes precedence over the Corps? Surely not...
  7. you try telling that to the t1ts in puzzle palace. :x :x :x :x
  8. Knocker, I believe the Bde Flash and the AACC badge are separate entities.

    All 3 bde personnel wear the Bde flash on their right arm, all Army qualified cdo’s wear their dagger on their left and then it would appear that the Corps have decided that’s where the TRF goes

    I could of course be spouting utter crap as usual 8O
  9. No mate your right 77 have just got back and I asked one of their lads why the trf was on the other sleeve and they said the brigade flash took priority so thats the answer.
    But yes it does look strange!
  10. The 59 lot have just started wearing the TRF on their left sleeve below the Butter Knife. Apparently it's 59s RSM's little obsession at the moment. I thought it was just for operations but apparently its stayin there. Looks webo in my opinion, with the new commando flash as well the jive niners are starting to look like a bunch of badge collecting boy scouts!
  11. Additionally, ive noticed 23 seem to have changed there blue dz. Well to be honest it doesnt look like its changed much apart from sticking a RE trf on top of it.

    Not sure where I saw this, or if I have even seen it at all! maybe i was hallucinating. Anyone else seen it?
  12. Yep, pished the lads off no end, bloody trfs everywhere... any need? Isn't the stable belt enough? And you have to have it on your field smock too, for god's sakes! And what happens if you are a diver? With short sleve order there is no more space for any more badges.
  13. Yea it has, came in maybe 6 months back. Again reinventing the wheel and again it looks shite. Its literally the blue diamond with a trf in the middle, except the diamond is feckin mahoosive now. Apparently is so we are more identifiable as engineers.
  14. They are just boy scout badges.

    Trust me.
  15. and you need a man. :wink: 8O :wink: 8O