TRFs DZ flashes and regt accrouments cadets and Adults

Discussion in 'ACF' started by static-line-pimp, Jun 21, 2007.

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  1. All,

    I have noticed on a number of posts that there appears to be constant complaints and reference to ACF AI's and officers wearing DZ flashes and TRFS etc which are we all know not permitted.

    I personally have not actually seen this myself ,and wondered if anyone has seen extensive use of such regalia........
  2. I have to say that when I was an AI, I took off the TRFS, DZ and Budgie patches from my smock, as the ACF unit I was with, was not connected to 16AA Bde. If they had been I would probably left them on as they were earnt and not walting!
  3. My county dont allow the wearing of TRFs etc and personally i think that is the correct stance we dont need them few of us have earnt them why wear them ?

    not only that i cant be arrsed to sew all the bl00dy things on.

    There is a trend forming in some countys to have there own made I really cant see why.
  4. Saw this post and thought I'd stick my nose in.

    Our regiments suffolk ACF wears the Minden flash which is the TRF for our 1st battalion, as it is an old 12th of foot/Suffolk regt battle honour, they to are permitted to wear it.
  5. HQ Land Command issued guidance on 2 Aug 06. Para 6 of the letter states:

    "May I also take this opportubity to reaffirm that Cadets and Adults of both the ACF and CCF (Army) must not wear any formation badges and regimental/corps tactical flashes when wearing uniform"

    Quite simplr really
  6. yes would be, however one of our company senior platoons was asked to wear 2div cross keys emblem by 2 div commander i believe, there is a framed written permission for this knocking about somewhere.
  7. Pimp,
    I found your point about


    I don't have any particular views on TRF's and the like, but coincedentally did have a conversation about cadet dress and accoutrements with someone at The Rifles RHQ a few weeks ago when he stated that the regiments position was that it would prefer its affiliated cadets to wear exactly the same as its soldiers, apart from badges of qualification of course. He also acknowledged that what cadets wore was not up to the regiment, although they had some small influence with some of those who do decide.

    The decisions are, it seems, partly made by the Army Dress Committee, Partly by the ACFA. I also presume that different regiments have different views and somewhere along the line someone has to try to find rules to apply universally.

    I should add, in case you think I am particularly sad, I didn't call RHQ to chat about cadet dress it just came up when I was chatting about something else to an officer there who I served with when he was a ranker and I was svelte.
  8. I know that my county don't allow any flashes however hereford and worcester have their county flash on all forms of dress but no flash that is used by 143 brigade is permitted.
  9. I agree that no formation or Regimental patches are necessary, but I do like wearing County insignia. It is not possible to recognize all your County's Officers and AIs all of the time, so when on Brigade or Regional events it's nice to be able to identify the 'home team.'

    This is especially true now there are larger and larger regiments (Rifles, Mercian etc.) and the cap badge alone is not sufficient to narrow down a county.
  10. Simple enough really, it's in writing from HQ land. I agree with wearing battle honours, as they aren't tactical. Case in point was the regiment I wqas badged to wore a glider as a battle honour, all AI's and officers wore it. However, we have now amalgamated and said glider is now a TRF, so we don't wear it any more. Why would we need to wear tactical insignia anyway? cap badge and stable belt with ACF slides shows that we are ACF instructors, proudly wearing the basic accoutrements of whatever sponsor unit we are badged to. That should be enough. After all, we all follow the same syllabus irrespective of badges worn.
  11. I did wear a 42 brigade flash, this was part of our uniform in my county, late ron , instructions was dished out that they are to be taken off.
    no biggie, no most of us waer the union flag on our uniform, fine, no biggie ,, I just crack on as normal, being an instructor.

    I have noticed some counties have their own ACF flash, probably not a bad idea as it can give you some pride and identity with your county along with it being "your own flash"
    my county did issue a county flash to Senior cadets for passing SCIC courses, it actually looks quite smart, I suppose we could use that as our county flash, after all AIs have passed an equivilent SCIC courses (AIC/ITC) as part of their training.
  12. Don't the ACF have their own red shoulder tabs any way? The idea of an ACF/CCF TRF sounds ok though.

    T C
  13. yes for use of Cadets to distinguish them from serving soldiers, some oF the Cadets do look old enough !
  14. You're telling me! I'm always being asked if I'm a cadet! I need a flash that says STAB on it! haha

    T C
  15. If cadets wear a County badge on their brassards, then why shouldn't adults wear the same on their uniform? As I wrote above, it means we can all identify one another.

    However, in my County no cadet or adult is permitted to wear a stable belt, so what are people's views on stable belts, or am I getting off-topic? Does anyone here own or wear the ACF stable belt?