I heard a classic today that I had to share with you good people. We recently had some NATO types knocking around our gaff and imagine my amusement when I was told of our VM getting rock all off a Rumanian bird.

Why, I hear you ask? She took offence for his disrespect for her national flag by wearing it on his arm. She was deadly serious, was going to charge him and everything.

I nearly wet myself when he told me this morning. :lol: :lol: :lol:
Not the first time (or thread) that has hit the Romanian link. I have also heard the accusation of REMEs with allegiance to CHAD. Apparently the blue is a better match!! Bo***x
I have heard about the 'CHAD' thing being started by techs learning about a sine wave...i think i might have seen a black and white photo of it somewhere.
(Wot no photo?)

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