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  1. what is the point of yet more things to sew to our uniforms?

    what is more we are expected to buy our own :x
  2. dont buy them then.
  3. Why do YOU think we're being asked to wear them?

    You'll be issued two free ones for starters. Don't want to fork out a couple of quid for TRFs but quite happy to piss it all away on a Friday night? Bugger off somewhere else then.
  4. Pointless exercise in badge collecting in my opinion.
    Theres a reason the uniform is camoflaged, why make it look pretty with nice colourful patches. I joined the Army not the Scouts.
  5. you must be another chav then.
    go fcuk yourself with a barge poll.
  6. You sure about that? :D
  7. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    We already discussed this bobbins to death.

    Get over it.
  8. Has the museum shop got them in yet?
  9. Ask some one at 16 CS for a spare, theyve been wearing them for years
  10. At 16 CS you now only get issued one, although you do also get loads of free velcro to randomly sew to your sleeves.
  11. Anyone got a pic off this TRF cos i've been informed RAMC are not getting them
  12. ??!

    FFS, can't you read?
  13. why the f**k do we need a MASSIVE DZ thing which makes us look like pratts why are part of the 16 'i am massive' regt?
  14. Grow up.
  15. you have been massively mis-informed.


    RHQ AMS Ref RHQ 8 dated 31 July 2006 titled:


    D Sqn 1 CSMR information service strikes again!! :roll:

    If you want a pic, look in the following places:

    Your stable belt
    Corps flag

    you will notice that the colours are the same as the Corps colours! which just happens to also be the same as the forthcoming RAMC TRF.