Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Fast_Blue, Sep 12, 2010.

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  1. Apologies if this has already been answered elsewhere but can anyone answer this question ? I am going on tour with the US Army and want to know whether their unit badge should replace my usual TRF on my right sleeve as I suspect I will have to wear an ISAF badge as well and my sleeves aren't that long !
  2. Well if you keep your TRF on, the Americans will only give you Sleeping system/weapon sight/helmet etc for it. Our Corps belts were going for a US Army brand new sleeping system on H11.
  3. You'll get it in theatre... or rather 'theater'. Or not, depending if they're that bovvered with such minutiae.
  4. Many thanks - I think the general gist here is make it up as I go along because who is really going to care ??!!
  5. I got told to take as many spare capbadges as possible when on attachment with the Americans as they'll swap anything for them. If you bargain hard you could probably get a Humvee for a Kukri they have that much spare kit. Re the TRF, I have no idea what the DS Solution is but TRF Flashes identify specialisation in and between British units, if you're nowhere near British units then the Americans won't know what they mean so wearing them is pretty pointless. On the other hand if you tell them its a Regimental Tradition you could turn up in arseless chaps, how are they to know?

    On a related matter, I have seen that they recommend that British Troops wear a US rank slide that cormparable to the British Rank. Eg A UK Lance Jack is a US Sergeant at least. There are other posts on this rank comparison.
  6. I think you will find it is a Corporal that is equivalent to a US Sergeant.
  7. Dependant on role

    In the Infantry an US Sgts job is a Fire Team Commander, traditionally a Lance Jack Slot in ours, however a SSG (or SSgt in our terms ) runs a Squad (about the same as a multiple) which of course is not a Section commanded by a Cpl

    Same occurs on other jobs, A Gun Number one in the US army is a SSG (IIRC), a Sgt job in our army

    The fact is its difficult to eqaute ranks, according to the rules a US Sgt ranks the same as a UK Sgt end of, irrespective if it takes just 3-4 years to get Sgt in the US Army and holds less responsibility, added pain to this is the UK generally gives more responsibility to the lower ranks in our army than the our cousins accross the pond
  8. Yes and no. All NATO countries use the OR1 to 9 (aka E1 to 9) rank structure which gives equivalance, but a US Army Sgt is OR-5, a US Staff Sgt OR-6 and the UK defines Sgt as OR-5/6. Confused yet ?

    And Staff/Colour Sgt in the UK is OR-7 which is a US Sgt First Class.