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Discussion in 'RLC' started by chunky, Apr 25, 2006.

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  1. Since all 5 million (or so) of us in the RLC are now supposed to have ditched the beloved trade badges (Tk Tptr, Pnr etc) and all just wear the tastefullly designed TRF it has become impossible to tell a fat splasher from a stamp licker. Whilst we in the Corps may know one trade from another and therefore what to expect from any given individual, the great un-informed (Teeth arms) will expect a stacker to know a trogs business and vice versa, irrespective of trade. My point is that the AGC (all 72 of them) have a total of 7 different TRF's (a real figure at last) to reflect their different trades whilst we have just one. Have DRLC missed a trick and pi55ed all the trades off unnecessarily?
  2. Good point Chunky. I happened to catch, whilst idling away some time in the mess, the Allied Forces part in the Sustainer that descrided how the Royal Australian Army Ordanance Corps had OK'd a bunch of badges for those who had passed their relevant trade training thus marking them out from the rest.

    Maybe we should adopt something similar, if not to inform the great uninformed of our soldiers sepcific trades just to instill some pride in our blokes for what they do!

    Note to the powers that be:
    If you do adopt this idea, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't just place letters accross the existing looks a bit, well, gay (no offence meant to the AGC!). :wink:
  3. Excellent idea!! It does instill pride and makes the guys want to better themselves to get "that trade badge". My neighbour (Infantry type bokey) actually asked me when we first met if I was a chef cos I wear the same TRF... cnut!

  4. PLEASE!
  5. Marky - heard you make a great breakfast and dig a mean latrine - are you you an MTI?

    Kidding - i know you make a great Egg Butty and are one of 'Gods Children' Wear the Flags Mate!!!!
  6. I beleive the only trade that wears a TRF and Trade Badge is RLC Ammunition Technician. Given their history and capability, they've earned it!
  7. So did the dvr rad ops and the tk tptrs.

    You try doing the job without the training!

    And cooking, well, I can make a bacon butty! as well!!
  8. Mmmm I'll just stick with the TRF for I am a generalist. A Jack of all trades, a master of................ the Universe!

  9. I do I do.... :lol:
  10. Its a nice idea, but with everything it comes at a cost. I for one would rather have my money better spent.
  11. Ford, you have clearly been working out since I last saw you.

    And I thought you struggled to be a master of your own admin!!!
  12. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Book Reviewer Kit Reviewer

    Just to follow up on this one, I'm not impressed with TRF. To rehash old arguments, we have cap badges, stable belts and rank slides (for officers) for demonstrating that we are RLC in barracks. TRF should be mounted on helmet/maybe even on webbing on ops/ex.

    With regards trade/regimental flashes, I felt that the power-that-be made a hideous mistake in doing away with these for RLC personnel. Individual regiments/trades are a group that an individual can identify with in such a large corps - it doesn't stop him feeling pride in his corps if his chain-of-command deal with corps issues effectively, it just enables him to feel pride in his own regimental role/techinical skill.
  13. A friend removed all references to qualifications from his no2 dress prior to attending the drill course at pirbright. A fellow student (W02, Commando from his old inf regt) got 'dicked' for everything while he borrowed a set of cooks whites & told AADW staff he was a chef..........until the last day:)

    The W02 turned up with a DPM sheath for his pace-stick & took ages to realise that he'd made work for himself; they held similar quals but one had the sense to keep quiet:)
  14. To quote from that fabulous movie Blazing Saddles:
    "Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!"

    I personally think we are starting to look stupid now, what with Union flag,TRF,stable belt etc on DPM kit.
    If we end up with trade badges we'll soon resemble the boy scouts!
  15. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Book Reviewer Kit Reviewer

    I hesitate to re-open an ageing thread but now we've had even more time to look at TRFs on ops and whinge about them/think they're great, has the debate moved on?

    I personally oppose them - especially when worn in camp (ref capbadges, stable belts [terrible on C95], rank slides etc) - if it is to be worn, it should be on the helmet for ops/exs only. I feel that it fails in two areas:

    1. Removing visibility between trades/units - especially for non-RLC types looking in.
    2. Limiting Regimental espirit-de-corps whilst failing to enhance Corps spirit.

    There's my twopenn'orth. Thoughts?