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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by TA_sig, Oct 4, 2006.

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  1. No Wah.

    Basically - how far down the Right arm (blue forward yah) should it be (from top TRF to seam)? The current range of guesses are between 5 and 8cm and none of my other jackets appear to be the same (shoddy I know). Want it RSM proof. I thought about stitching it to the collar instead but don't think it'd really be that fashionable.

  2. 3 and a half inches.
  3. Good guess though eh?
  4. Ah, but is that to the centre of the badge, or the top??? 8)
  5. It says on the page :p

    Cheers Puttees. I even looked in the Signals uniform guide found on Armynet but there was no mention of location for such things. Did learn how a sword knot is meant to be put in though.. Great.
  6. You should know better than this. Nothing on the square is RSM proof! You could be the best pressed man in the universe, but if he wants you -he'll have you (and your perfectly alligned TRF!).
  7. Still bitter about not picking up eh??? Never mind only twelve months to go, then you can moan about not picking up again.
  8. Picking up what ? Fag ends ? I know fow a fact that TA_Sig finds this easier than most on account of being much closer to the ground than others :p