TRF locations on kit.

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Taita, Aug 15, 2011.

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  1. Hi,

    I have recently received instructions for going to my first unit and have been told to turn up with 2 x combat shirts sorted with TRFs etc and then get into the tailors ASAP to get the remainder done.

    However, I was never actually told where they need to go, is it a certain number of centimetres from the shoulder or anything similar?

    One of the flashes is a dropzone one, does that change anything to do with where they need sewing?

  2. Why don't you phone your new unit and ask them where they go! Or are you going to follow the advice of walts, wannabees and civvies on here!?
  3. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Ask one of your instructors.
  4. Are you not in the Royal Signals? It cant be that hard to work it out. If you take them to a tailor that deals with the military there may even be a chance (gasp) that they would know.

    I think you just wanted to use the word 'dropzone' on ARRSE to make people think your'e nails
  5. Yes I am :).

    I am back at home for a while and there aren't any military camps nearby so no tailors so I was just going to sew them on myself.
  6. 4 fingers down from your Downsy forehead.
  7. Try google, plenty of images to see on there or are you too retarded?
  8. I'm afraid this has been covered before - hence the number of less than useful answers. Please have a quick look on the Arrse search function. Our unit SOP's are the middle of the TRF is 10cms below the cross on the Union Jack. But Units differ.

    I ncan't wait for these pointless boy scout badges to be binned personally.
  9. Mate are you RAMC? If so and I remember correctly the centre of your TRF should be 12cm down from the joining of the sleeve with the body of the shirt if that makes sense? If you can't get hold of a instructor or anyone at your new unit if you lightly sew them on where I have said you will be able to remove it easily and put it in the right place straight after you finish work on your first day also at least you will have made the effort to put them on rather that showing up with a shit excuse about how you were never told where to put them!!

    Also I would advise you to put one on your shirt the other on a jacket that way if you get there and it's pishing down you have a jacket squared away! (some SSM's like to inspect the lads and lassies in jackets **** knows why but they do) best of luck.
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Selective quote but perhaps the seniors see that issue kit is issued and therefore worthy of looking after, or would you prefer to be inspected in your shirt in the middle of a snow storm?
  11. Have you just commissioned? Just do one and then turn up at Blandford and get the rest done by the tailors. If you have been to Blandford already and are actually going to your first unit then things are worse than I feared
  12. What are you on about smack rat I was meaning that some SSM's prefer inspecting the troops in jackets and not shirts because it can look smarter! it's nothing to do with wanting to see that the kit is all issued because if you were going to be inspected than I would have thought you would wear issued kit and not your trapping gear unless it states on part one orders that is Now does that suit you for an answer or could I be more specific when I ask that you muff my arse
  13. ugly

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    Smack rat? **** off mong if you can't obey a simple order about dress then get out!

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  14. Ha ha cheers for that gluebag WTF are you on about obey a simple order about dress are you a ******* cadet? Your stupid comments and subsequent bite leads me to believe that you are quite possibly a fat fingered online call of duty playing geek who dishes out ring dhobies for popularity now wind it in and dub it muppet, out!
  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    If you want to crayon over this thread carry on but it will get locked and you will earn a tag! Now read back and see what I wrote. The seniors can inspect anything they want provided it is legal. If you can't obey simple orders about dress then whinge in the NAAFI not on this forum!

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