TRF does anyone have

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Cardinal, Nov 17, 2006.

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  1. a part number so my TA unit can get them for me. Poor lost little souls in stores cant get anything unless you do their jobs for them.

    Thanks in advance Cardinal
  2. Do u not have to buy them like the rest of the army?
  3. I thought we were supposed to get issued two or three.

    If they are an issued item and a uniform requirement the army isn't allowed to charge you for them.

    I know they charge for stable belts, but they are not actually allowed to if its a uniform requirement.

    Royal Navy found that out, the hard way, a long time ago when it tried charging for stable belts.

    If your expected to wear TRF's they have to supply them.

  4. Tricky though, convincing your RSM of that.
  5. My TA RSM is a good bloke, REME, RLC, AGC all get theirs free.

    84MSS/9 Supply (where I hope to go) get five issued for RLC, REME, AGC but the RAMC dont seem to be playing the game. The medics only get three issued and have to wait a long'ish while for them.

  6. My unit have had to send a nominal role of all RAMC personnel to AMD and they have said they will issue two to every soldier on nom role.

    Anymore needed then they are 60p from Corps Museum.
  7. Didn't know that the RAMC wore a TRF. Are you referring to the 2 Med Brigade Formation patch ?? If it is the latter they are not issue and have to be purchased by the individual
  8. No its a TRF, apparently like the DZ flash of 16 CSMR although I have not yet seen it.

    Any uniform which is a requirement and a unit can insist upon a soldier wearing has to be supplied by the army, after all the army itself says it supplies everything a soldier needs!

  9. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    TRF? Who cares, if you only get issued 2 then only sew on two. When they ask why is your shirt/ Jacket missing a TRF then tell them you only got TWO!
  10. I have never paid for any badge I was suppodsed to wear but I do now that div/bde badges that my old unit wore had to be purchased, but this came out of unit funds and issued one per person

    I know that doesn't help but I am wondering if that isn't the case for TRF's ?

    Have you followed the supply chain for the other guys in your unit (other corps) who have them ?
  11. The RAMC, RADC & QARANC have had new TRF's based on thier stable belt colours approved by the Army Dress Committe in August 2006.

    Most Formation Signs, DZ Flashes and TRF's are not supplied items and do not therefore have NSN's. They are a Regimental Item and sourced by the unit with public or regimental funds. Your Adjutant or QM (not his storeman) should know the procedure.

    As yo say, a nominal role of attached personnel, sent to thier Corps HQ will get you an allocation. Same for your own corps I should think!
  12. RLC, Royal Sigs and REME each get five per person, two for the two CS 95 field jackets issued and three for the three CS 95 shirts issued.

    If RAMC, QA's and RADC dont get the same isn't this just another case of our "Management" (not leadership) being worse than useless again?

  13. It works if you know you're in the right and have a bit of spine. I was at JHSU in the mid-90s and our SSM tried to instigate some sort of unit patch before all this TRF nonsense erupted (the only people who had them then were mainly 5 AB Bde and the Household Div) and we would have had to have paid for all of them, there was no free first issue. One of the young Lance Bombardiers basically said if you want me to wear it, issue it. The Stick Man went a bit radio rental, but our Ord Rm Clerk had a set and told the him that it was unenforceable. Cue much blood pressure but no paying for patches.
  14. Behave, they cost 60pence from the AMS museum at Keogh. If you're so concerned about only getting issued 2 then buy yourself some more. Do we HAVE to wear them anyway???
  15. every AMS unit - reg and TA will have, or will just be receiving, a jiffy bag or two of TRFs from AMD - two per person

    after that, you buy extra at your own cost if you wish to.