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By the end of annual camp this year I will be wearing the uniform of one of the army's new regiments. For the past 13 years I have worn a glider on my right shoulder as a battle honour of my existing parent regiment. In the new regiment I will continue to do so in no.2/ mess dress, but we have just been told that wearing of the glider in training dress must cease, as it is going to be used as a TRF, and the ACF quite rightly doesn't wear them,as we don't need them and according to HQ Land they present a security risk for cadet units to wear them. I don't have a problem with this, but it has made me wonder; Who was bright enough to come up with a TRF that is so brightly coloured that you culdn't call it tactical, and why not just use a more usual TRF on the jacket as opposed to a glider on the shirt? I don't mind what I wear, as the fewer uniform items needed, the healthier my bank balance is, but when we teach regimental history to cadets, things like the glider help, and provoke interest in the subject. I for one will miss it. What does everyone else think?
I think you should remember that the ACF is a youth organisation with a military ethos and not part of the Army.

I don't mean to offend but all is change in the Army at present and you will have to just fit in. TRFs are a load of sh1te anyway. Best not get involved in the debate and just carry on with the good work.
I'm not bothered about patches and TRFs etc , less sewing for me, i have been TOLD to wear a 42 brigade flash, so i did, however since then there was a new part 1 telling everybody to take them off, i think due to OP Telic perhaps, so i did.

the thing with pathes and whatnots is that it's like going on the bus and off the bus, they rules changes all the time, i wouldn't worry too much about it.
To ex sigs: I have one thanks.
To Clownbasher: True enough and no offence taken. I just feel that if we are to wear the uniform of a sponsor unit we should do it completely and not half ar$$edly. We try to engender pride in our parent regiment and many cadets will see it as a slight that we have lost the right to wear what is in essence a battle honour.
To Semper. again, true enough. I had the same problem with the brigade flash issue, and ultimately I don't mind what I wear on my uniform, as I'm still the same person inside it, but many of my cadets have been moaning to me about changes in uniform, and even though thry don't wear the glider themselves, when I tell them what's going on, I usually get told: "That's shady".
Basically I just wanted to sound out opinion and see how others felt who are affected by uniforms and mergers.
But the cadets never wore the Glider anyway, and its them that need to be proud in the uniform, not you (though it helps). At the end of the day, your not a soldier, your an instructor and a role model, and your there for the kids!
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