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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Subb0, Dec 5, 2007.

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  1. Hello, I searched but was unable to find much info I've got a shirt that I need to sew two badges on one is the trf and the other is well i've no idea but it goes below the flag. I've got one shirt that I was lucky enough to have ready done and I was wondering if some one would tell me the placement of the badges down the shirt.

    and would you suggest sewing (which i'm bolox at) or that iron on stuff (I would need to buy but its no problem)

  2. Why not be a proper lazy arrse and super glue them on?
  3. Perhaps you should ask someone at your unit. Otherwise you will get all sorts of wise arrse answers on here!
  4. Well I was going to tonight but I forgot and didn't want to wait until next week so I thought I might see if I can get any thing from here. I could use my current shirt as an example I suppose..
  5. If you are going to use wonderweb put a small stitch in each corner too just to be on the safe side. Or get married. ;) Oh yeah or get a butler to do it. :D

    One of the badges (I forget which) comes with wonderweb already on the back.

    Don't do as I did, and iron the crease into the badge prior to aligning it with the crease in the shirt sleeve.

    Took bl00dy ages to peel the fukcer apart. :(
  7. Ask your Platoon Sergeant/CSM/Scariest Person you've met so far. That's what they're there for, to sort dress and discipline among their soldiers.

    Failing that, ask one of your peers who've been in a bit longer. Its not your fault you don't know, so ask!

    Remember, asking questions is how you learn.

  8. okay thanks. I'll take my badges shirt and iron in with me next week and get it sorted out there and then
  9. FFS, it's all in here:

    There, I've clicked the link for you and bolded the important bits.

    :roll: :roll: :roll:

    PS It seems that female PTIs wear the TRF 2cm higher, though God alone knows why.
  10. Are n't you clever! (this is actuly a complament and not an insult, please take it the right way!)
  11. No. If I were clever, I would have posted the left-side and right-side photos that used to be on the RE website that showed the positions of the badges (and that I've linked to many, many times in the past). Being sad, I've got them on my laptop somewhere.

    But as I'm technologically disadvantaged (took me a month to upload my avatar), I ended up searching for the words after a fruitless search for the linkable piccies (other units also used to have them).

    Hence why I get pi$$ed off when people seem to ignore anything that isn't handed to them on a plate. :x

    Rant over, stress levels coming down (for a few minutes, anyway). :D

  12. Why not just locate them as they are on the ready done shirt?
  13. Maybe he's got one of that batch of shirts that had the pre-sewn UJ in the wrong place?
  14. the reason I didn't use that was because it said combat jacket Is that referring to my field jacket or my shirt (which is a type of jacket isn't it?)
    the one that is currently sown on is not 12cm down thats a long way down so I wasn't too sure.

    Thank you for the link any how