Trevor McDonut - Twisted report of Rape in Kenya

Well f*ck me sideways - did anyone else sit through the most dreadful piece of sensational tabloid television last night on ITV?

McDonut gave a vitriolic account of the most heinious crimes committed by 'our boys' in Kenya: a long string of rape allegations and one of murder.

The body of the programme then produced absolutely f*ck all in the way of evidence, far from it, it actually went on to destroy its own opening dramatic allegations.

Some bleeding-heart bed-wetting shandy-drinking commie pinko fag lawyer 'specialising in human rights' was interviewed at length, who then gloried in having wrung millions of quid from HMG to pay off a collection of unfortunate natives who'd been disabled by discarded munitions. Their case is clearly proven (?) and tragic, but they then tried a tenous link to the scores of half breed children scuttling around the bush because their mums couldn't keep their knees together at the sight of an approaching squaddie clutching a tin of boiled sweets and a pack of Menu A, and claimed they were all the results of gang rapes by you know who!

They even had a couple of self confessed tarts admitting to lying about their coffee coloured offspring being the results of rape in order to claim the cash.

At the end of this visual sewerage all we ended up with was a chance that the one body might have been the work of some of Her Majesty's finest.

Bloody irresponsible broadcasting.
Apologies to you, Part time Pongo - I've just seen your post re TV alert.
i thought the whole rape thing had already been proven to be bullshit.
but the munitions one is serious
although spams and the kenyan army used the same areas
HMG was well and truly stitched vis-a-vis the munitions, the treasury lawyers paid up without admitting liabilty, although the only munitions found outside of impact areas were Kenyan Army. One of the "Experts" used by the claimants was an ex RE Officer who made one statement in court regarding a 105mm HE blind "that was fired by the British Army", a bit strange as it was a 105mm smoothbore Tank HE blind when I destroyed it! Probably from the Kenyan Army armoured unit 3 miles down the road! 8)
Yet again, we roll over and take it.......

Maybe we should stop using the training area jobs.....there you go, that'll teach you!


What will happen if they do DNA tests on all the victims and get profiles of the father?

Child support maybe?? Easy to prove
Rape Allegation?? Harder to prove
Saw the smug, smiling cnut with the luxury bungalow and brand new 4X4. What was it, £75,000 payout to someone who was earning £2 a month?

And they wonder why everyone and his dog is making a claim.


I saw in the newspaper 10 MOD police and 5 RMP were recording details. Supposed to have been there for a month - 12 months later still there!
He had lost a hand and it wasent a brand new 4*4 considering the amount of money mod can piss away on state of the art chairs or crap
that dont work bit of money for natives who have been blown up by dodgy muntions . I heard lots of stories of blokes in kenya surptiously
getting rid of ammo because of heat and just too much of it so maybe the deal was cheaper than having them all living here.
The rape allegations seem bizarre apart from the lawyer saying lots are fraudelant it seemed alarmist at best .nice work for the fat bloke who ran around in deserts though. One case may true and may be others but its not the rape of nanking is it .
Yet another 4th world country trying to blame it's woes on the "nasty colonial imperialists".......They've had decades of independance and foreign aid to sort themselves out, and look what you get; corrupt politicians and dodgy rape claims. Time they started putting their own houses in order. Do you think Julie Ward's dad will get any compensation for his daughters brutal murder? How about those British and other nationalities who were brutally murdered during the Mau Mau insurgency?

Talking of putting our own house in order, when is our legal system actually going to start defending us from this international compensation culture?
thejackeroo said:
I just read on Reuters that the Kenyans now want all the freedom fighters compensated from the Mau Mau conflict..
Not the old 'Life's getting a bit difficult let's blame someone else game' again. That woman and her book mentioned in the reuters article need close investigation. She has a serious anti-british agenda and wont let a few facts get in the way. (WTF's an assistant Professor anyway? Surely you are a professor or you aren't)
Whilst I don't doubt for a minute there was some mistreatment of some people, on both sides. It's a nonsense to equate it with Stalin's treatment of his fellow countrymen and the japanese treatment of their pow's.

No co-incidence that the justice minister is a Kikuyu (read Mau Mau) and his government is getting a kicking from the British Embassy for misappropriation of funds then.

Having said all that - I aint read her book.
JoinALotterySyndicate said:
I saw in the newspaper 10 MOD police and 5 RMP were recording details. Supposed to have been there for a month - 12 months later still there!
I know for a fact that the SIB-led team that deployed to Kenya did a fantastic job in providing a great deal of evidence that the vast majority of claimants were bluffing.

They had to deal with thousands of claimants, exhumations, and a whole host of other complications, including local corruption and tribal schisms and boundaries.

Good for them - what a pity that the BBC couldn't see fit to reward their hard work with a small amount of praise.

This on the beeb web this afternoon

Kenya wants UK 'atrocity' apology

British soldiers are accused of rape, torture and killing

Kenya has demanded an apology from the UK for alleged atrocities committed against Mau Mau fighters seeking independence in the 1950s.

Justice Minister Kiraitu Murungi said it was the honourable thing to do to formally apologise for "barbaric crimes against humanity".

War veterans are preparing to sue Britain for compensation, claiming they were tortured in detention.

Official estimates say 11,000 Mau Mau were killed by British forces.

The minister made the comments at the launch of the book Caroline Elkins' Britain's Gulag: The Brutal End of Empire, which details the crackdown of the rebellion and the Kikuyu community.

Ms Elkins, who is a professor at Harvard University, disputes the official death toll saying many more died in the conflict.

"I now believe there was in late colonial Kenya a murderous campaign to eliminate Kikuyu people that left tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands dead," she writes in the book.

'Cruel and pitiless'

"I call upon the government of the United Kingdom, as a civilised nation to do the honourable thing and issue a formal apology to the Mau Mau, their families and the people of Kenya for these barbaric crimes against humanity," Mr Murungi said.

It's only that way that we can say that our humanity is recognised

Lawyer Paul Muite

British servicemen who suffered atrocities at the hands of the Japanese during the Second World War were compensated, he said.

"We do not believe it would be too much to ask the UK government to extend the same principle to the Mau Mau war veterans and their families."

A spokesman for the British High Commission in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi said Mr Murungi's remarks had been noted, but declined further comment, reports Reuters news agency.

Vice President Moody Awori, also at the function, said the British campaign was "cruel and pitiless".

"The fact that colonialists put so much effort to conceal their actions means they knew what they were doing was wrong," he said.

The allegations in the book include rape, torture, murder and theft of property.

"We want the British government to acknowledge their wrongdoing and say sorry," Paul Muite, one of a group of lawyers preparing to sue Britain for compensation on behalf of former Mau Mau fighters, told AFP news agency.

"It's only that way that we can say that our humanity is recognised."
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