Trespass and the law, how much of an ass it is!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ugly, Aug 14, 2008.

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  1. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Warm up the outrage bus folks this is a good one.
    I have just returned from a meeting at a local council to discuss the pikey scumbags who have decamped from their free house 2 ks away into a private field.
    Now as the plod are unable or unwilling under the 1994 Public order and Criminal Justice act namely sections 61 & 62a, to act to evict these people. This has apparently been going on every year for 34 years. The council has decided to take the landowner to court under planning laws despite him giving written notice to quit to the pikeys. The council environmental health moved in, asked the landowner if they can provide a standpipe, portaloos and a skip for the pikeys as they are trashing everything and shitting everywhere.
    The landowner has to agree so then planning prosecute again over unplanned amenities.
    Then when I point out to the councillors that they appear to ave two hands not joined at the brain they get all defensive.
    The pikeys had 5 representatives from local and national authorities spouting shite about why there arent enough sites. I asked why cant they just stop tresspassing and thieving. No answer.
    I asked why they cant live in the house provided by the taxpayer and she came out with drivel about stairs and doctors and drugs. She then had the audacity to complain about the state of the land and its causing her kids health to suffer!
    Fecking housing wouldnt attend as they were probably scared to answer questions and still the landowner gets screwed.
    When 10 downing street petitions re open I will be pushing a petition where the councils must act and not fine the landowner who to be honest is screwed no matter what.
    Now this landowner isnt the Duke of westminster but has 3 acres that he grew tomatoes on until this annual farce started 34 years ago. I intend to make a fuss.
    Anyone seen the work ticket for the outrage white fleet?

    I am not the landowner but I look after a wood nearby and the scumbags have been caught on our cameras doing armed trespass. Plod unwilling to act! :x
  2. Get a group together and make the worlds biggest complaint to the IPCC.

    Im not normally one to advocate complaining against police but this is bolleaux.

    If it were thee or me trespassing with a shooter we'd be fecked.
  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Its not really a whinge against plod, more a moan about the council!
  4. get the landowner to allow the local TA to use the land for exercise, bit of blank firing in the middle of the night will soon feck em off

    To be honest bit of a predictable poll :D
  5. Yeah. That'll teach the council types. Burn!
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Ordinarily yes but this family shoot first and dont need BFAs
    However I suspect the Firle Bonfire society may be invited over this year!
    Actually looking at all the support they get I'm considering filling in the next census as pikey in the ethnic box!
    Now no need for jokes but I spent about 5 years or so living in caravans year round in cornwall!
  7. Crikey. Armed with what and for what purpose? A shotgun for rabbit? Can't believe a firearm (almost certainly unlicensed) would be ignored by the Bill.
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Believe it, they stated to me that they were unlikely to find it (two inspectors) so wouldnt bother. The plod I spoke to an old hand warned me about his PC Inspectors.
  9. They might even get their mags confused in the dark, just like those Frogs did recently. Then their BFIs could possibly work loose, and before you know it ..... Well, stranger things have happened.

  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    If its 3 PWRR they wont have any BFAs or blank!
  11. Seen something similar before.

    Group of em 'camped out' on my fathers industrial estate, right next to his factory. Eviction notice takes 4 weeks or whatever, so of course they move on in 3 weeks to trash the next place. :roll:
  12. Feck it, why dont you organise an ARRSE festival on the land?
  13. Farmers and landowners in my area have a constant worry of Pikeys pulling a stunt like this, primarily because as you have indicated councils are totally unwilling to deal with the problem. That said, the farmer with the most land in the area is also a cantankerous old bastard who doesn't give a toss, has a lot of powerful machinery, and, I am led to believe, a 'contingency plan'.
  14. AAGF


    And that's the kind of thinking (from the powers that be) that helped me to decide to feck off out (to the US) nearly 30 years ago. I could see what was coming. Now I wish I had chosen New Zealand or OZ - 20/20 hindsight.

    Glenrothes; My neighbours (a heavenly brood) when I demobbed broke into my storage unit beneath the apartment block and stole my almost emptied MFO boxes and some other stuff I was storing. They were known for breaking in (to the storage area and the flats) according to the local plods, who leapt into action and did feck-all to them. I, however was severely warned after I called at their door and decked the dad - my stuff was visible in the background when he opened the door, ffs.

    Oh well - life has been better ever since - not perfect, but definitely better. I was asked if I would ever move back to the UK a few weeks ago.... ummm
  15. Thank God there are no poor people where I live.