Trench Maps, Mainly the Somme (x4) Plus India Frontiers (x2)

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Barton68, Sep 1, 2013.

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  1. Hello,

    I thought this may be the best place to get an idea of what to do with these maps as they have been inherited from my Father in law.

    The Trench Maps:

    1, France Sheet 57C (linen / cloth), Ordanace Survey November 1917, 1:40,000, Edition 2, Looks unused and stored.

    2, France Sheet 57D S.E. (linen / cloth), OSO 1915, 1:20,000, First Edition ("B" Series), little foxing on the edges, but clean internally

    3, OVILLERS 57D S.E. 4 Edition 2C (linen / cloth), OSO 1916, Correction 26 July 1916, 1:10,000, little worn on one fold line, and small worn hole of fold corner.

    4, BEAUMONT 57d S.E. 1 & 2 Edition 2D, Corrected 15 Aug 1916, 1:10,000, little foxing and worn fold corners when folded out, plus some real WWI dirt.

    5, BEAUMONT to Pys and Irles down to Martinpuich (paper)Approximate British Front Line on the morning of 24-9-16. Few worn holes and fold lines.

    Also have a couple of maps from the N. W. Frontier Province, 2nd Edition 1927. ZHOB & LORALAI Districts dated 1917.

    My question is there a market for these maps as I want to make sure that they will be appreciated.

    Thank you for any advice,

  2. Good Afternoon

    There is a market, you could sell them to a dealer - Military Book dealers seems the best bet

    Robert Garwood (Marlborough, Wiltshire)
    Tim Harper (World War Books) (Tunbridge Wells, Kent)

    Here is two for starters

    How every you may get more your self selling them on ebay

  3. Brilliant, thanks for the help :)
  4. Best appreciated at the IWM, I should think.
  5. Thank you we have considered the IWM for a few other items such as army diaries and photographs of the Royal Marines in Yokahama in the 1870's.

    Thank you again.
  6. With the 'Completed listings' on eBay I don't understand why the majority remain unsold at £50 to £60, Sheet 57*, and other Sheet 57's sell for £180 and up? Is it ownership of the original or manual corrections to them or other reasons?

    Thanks for anybody making a wiser man...