Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by vvaannmmaann, Feb 19, 2011.

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  1. Anyone else give up after ten minutes? Sound quality was appaling.
  2. FFS - another human drama series - can't stand them. Let's do a Brit one about Cockermouth.

    And no, I didn't watch it - I had some paint to watch drying.
  3. Another yank show with everyone mumbling behind the background music, have you noticed that american females do not actually open their mouths to talk? hence the high pitched nasal whine, we didn't get as far as 10 minutes, mind you anything would be better than that shite brit- trying to be yank "bedlam" with will"the chin" young trying to act ffs.
  4. Thank flip I'm not alone!!

    Was looking forward to this but the first 10 minutes regarding the band was all over the place and inaudible.As for Roseanne's husband having a go at "the Limey film-crew", that was it for me.Endex was called.

    Has Sky Atlantic peaked already?
  5. A pity. I've taped this and havent watched it yet. But I'm a huge fan of 'The Wire' and its ancestor 'Homicide' so had huge hopes for this. As a matter of intrest on sound balance:- Were you watching the normal or HD version. I struggle to tell the difference in picture quaility on actual HD programs sometimes but sound is another matter. I'm wondering if the sound being reduced for normal channels did something wierd.
  6. Stick with it, only if ur not blind
  7. I stuck with it......sound quality improved and the soundtracks spot on.
  8. Don't know about that, Blue Bloods is proving to be quite good?

    ( did only last till first ad break on treme though)
  9. Gonna stick with it for a couple more episodes in the hope that it might be anywhere near as good as The Wire was. John Goodman and his wife as the angry white liberals can **** off though.
  10. Why stick with it? Is it as good as The Wire? Who's John Goodman, nothingh that's who. Are You Being Served ended yonks ago.? And Liberals aren't always white, I know some who aren't, they live next door. I ASK YOU AGAIN, why did Are You Being Served have to finish?
  11. I had high hopes for Blue Bloods,starting to become predictable now though.
  12. I agree, I really dislike the sitting around the family dinning table talking about the moral issues scene that they have every show.
  13. Nope, the trailers were enough to convince me not to watch it - John Goodman's 'angry white liberal' routine told me all I need to know about Treme.

    These sort of drama series seek to cash-in on some disaster usually a half decade or so after the fact. They're usually so busy either trying to keep everyone happy or beating the viewers about the head with whatever ideological/political axe they have to grind that they collapse under the weight of their own earnestness.
  14. Boardwalk Empire seems to be the only Sky Atlantic show to have fullfilled its promise. Treme and Blue Bloods, whilst not great shows, stand head and shoulders above most home grown drama. Its great to see S4 of Weeds finally getting an airing as well. The ability to catch up complete reruns of the Sopranos etc is also very useful. I can forgive HBO many sins, after all they have made three of the best TV dramas ever (Deadwood/Rome/the Wire)
  15. Boardwalk Empire seems to be the only Sky Atlantic show to have fullfilled its promise.

    At an alleged $4m per show to make,I should think so.