Trekkies-The needs of the many etc ..........

Amazingly a fund has been started to save 'Enterprise' from being scrapped.

Even more amazingly 3 donors have each pledged a Million dollars 8O

So if you're a trekkie , and want to put your money where your mouth is...

Can I bid for the Vulcan Fox?
The only things worth saving in Star Trek were the babes.. I'll save Seven of Nine and T'Pol anytime..

Both ' actresses' were not reluctant to shed 'excess clothing' in pursuit of their art/advancement of the plot.. and thus deserve my admiration...

funny, I never had the same ' interest' in the earlier female crew types..Dr. Crusher and the resident empath, Counsellor Troi..

though, I still have a personally autographed phottie of Yeoman Rand, I acquired in my shameful youth when attending one of the early Star Trek Conventions before they got all commercial and run by big business special interests as a place to sell sh*t to the unsuspecting...

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