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Discussion in 'REME' started by Andy632, Mar 16, 2012.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I've recently made a donation to the above mentioned mob and I've asked that my donation go to some of the REME guys or LADs out in Afghanistan but the organiser is short of names of REME guys willing to receive & distribute aid parcels.

    If you are willing or know of anyone willing/wishing to receive & distribute some of these aid parcels can you please pass the names/details to the following guy (he is one of the co-founders of the organisation). contact at

    Shit just noticed that he's on here under the same name so just send details/questions to Clifftop.
    You could even pm me if you wish and I'll pass on the details.

    I'd rather see the parcels going to a REME guy than to some of the other twats out there.


    Shit just noticed that he's on here under the same name so just send details/questions to Clifftop.

  2. So thats saying REME are twats???? working with other twats??
  3. I was never good with words, much better with a big hammer. Not entirely what I meant Now **** off.
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  4. REME association organise christmas parcels for the lads & lasses in Theatre, Branches will supply a quantity from self funding and deliver to Arborfield. They are then transported by unit freight to Afghan & distributed in time for Christmas, its officially sanctioned by and I believe welcomed by the troops.

    Cheers, Phil

  5. Did you read my post?
  6. Unsolicited 'welfare parcels' shouldn't be sent to theatre as they are breaking the airbridge and overwhelming the Postal assets in theatre - especially as each 'name' gets a million boxes sent to them...
  7. OK I'll tell everybody to stop donating money then; the guys don't want them or need them anymore.
    (Strange but it's not the feedback thats been given by the recipients)
  8. Matron! Mr Passive-Aggressive needs his nappy changing. Nobody is saying to not donate, simply that there are existing channels to do so which means it makes sense to use them, no?
    Your sig has a typo by the way, should be "**** OFF".
  9. Been out there much lately?
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  10. You fishing for one of his comfy boxes? :)

    What do you put in one for the Reems? Is it still Ambre Solaire, Bermuda shorts and grot mags?
  11. Sounds lush, a comfy box isn't a comfy box unless it has a number of miniature bottles of scotch secreted amongst the books, nutty and t shirts.