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Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by clifftop, Aug 25, 2011.

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  1. A quick question, although we're doing quite well, what best to put in parcels? Anyone been to Afghanistan who could advise please?

    Ta Las
  2. I enjoyed recieving, crisps, biscuits (not chocolate if you are sending out during a summer tour), noodles and magazines.
  3. Winter tour: cheese, salamis, saucisson sec, different types of crackers, crisps or any variant of crunchy snack,olives, false moustaches, xmas decs, and "apple juice".
    Summer tour: salamis, saucisson sec, crisps or any variant of crunchy snack, different types of crackers, olives, false moustaches and "apple juice".

    He didn't really appreciate the false moustaches on either the summer or winter tours but I sent them any way.
  4. The next batch has: Pringles, Pot Noodles, Scottish Shortbread, Cup-a-soups, Fig Rolls, Flumps(?), Nescafe 3-in-1, Chewing gum, Mug-shots, toffee popcorn, pork scratchings, sunburst, coconut bars, peanut crunch, sesame seed bars.... we put a letter from us and a blank 'bluey' when we can. We always ask the recipients if they want anything in particular (legal and practicable) Just thought there might be some ideas we have not covered.
    Books? bearing in mind a 2Kg weight limit, are books popular?
  5. How do you send the likes of olives and apple juice? I thought glass jars were a no-no? Apple juice in tetra packs? Burst hazard?? Please, excuse my ignorance...
  6. Send. Walkers Chips,Cakes, Porn, Dirty Pants, Thai Lady Boys.

    Don't Send. Shit Razor Blades, Wet Wipes, Tesco Blue Stripe anything. Shit Toiletries full stop

    Best parcel I got had a pack of backie in, chips, some good shower gel and a letter
  7. Excellent parcel. I like to read so enjoyed getting the odd book. There are plenty of books kicking around Bastion, KAF, and the main FOBs, not so much so at PBs and CPs.
  8. to be fair that sounds a very good parcel. I'm off out next month and that sounds better than the shit i get off the missus
  9. I don't think that it was really apple juice!
  10. We stopped sending toiletries a while ago. Walkers crisps go in, as do "Fabulous Bakin' Boys" Flapjacks.
    We put lots of high calorie/non-low fat munchies in too.
    Can't go wrong with that?
  11. aha... ;-)
  12. Indeed
  13. Sugar sachets (always ran out)
    baby oil
    Tache trimmer
  14. Fakkin 'ell... I argued the sugar sachet thing with the bloke I do this parcel effort with, he (ex-squaddie) insisted the ratpacks had enough in. Right, that's the shopping list amended.

    BABY OIL! Okay.

    Tache Trimmer... you are fookin jokin' right?

    Haribo, not a problem, although we had one complainant that Haribo was so readily available.... perhaps a Bastion camper?
  15. Listen lads, we have been sending parcels out to Brits on Telic and Herrick since 2005. I'd like to think we are becoming well known and trusted by now. Please if any of you are due deployment soon, contact us. As you'll know the BFPO don't allow parcels without a name, rank, service number and BFPO number. Send me an email or a PM.