Treatment of TA on TELIC

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Jul 4, 2004.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Have I been looking at the world through rose-tinted spectacles, or is this stretching the truth a touch? I doesn't seem to chime with what I've been hearing.

    Jill, a 32-year-old from the Home Counties who recently served in Basra as a junior NCO, was sickened by the way regular soldiers treated her and other reservists.

    "They call us Stabs (stupid TA bastards) and, while you try to dismiss it, it does get to you, especially when you are supposed to be working in one team.

    "As some of the patrols leave, they aim their guns at the TA soldiers on the main gate and shout: 'Kill the Stabs'. They treat us like outcasts and they wonder why morale is low and most of us cannot wait to get home and leave the TA.

    "We are made to eat at separate tables, live in TA-only tents and, when it comes to flying home, the TA are often held back with priority being given to regulars. It is very frustrating. The atmosphere was terrible. I wish I had never gone."

  2. Not my experience at all. Sounds like she's a born whinger to me.
  3. I'm still out there and I have been most places serving with both TA and reservists, including Basrah. Maybe if she stopped feeling so sorry for herself, she would actually have enjyed the experience. You can't get much better than being a chick on det :twisted:
    Anyway, what is a 32 year old doing as a JNCO?!! LOL
  4. Kel

    Kel Old-Salt

    I've never experienced anything like that while with the regs, I've been made very welcome in the units I've been to. Now prefer going on tours with regs as augmentee rather than with own Bn. The TA unit I was at was ill prepared for going on tours with regs in trade role. Could be something to do with the fact only a few of us had been on Ops before. Plus the mickey mouse training that unit has just made me want to move to another unit even more.
  5. Maybe its her age and maturity thats led to the complaint? A 32 year old JNCO isn't uncommon in the TA, i'd guess the average of your TA recruit is much much older than the regular one.

    I'm suprised people have been suprised at the comments, I've only met 1 person 100% happy with their treatment on Telic.
  6. msr

    msr LE

    I seem to recall hearing that the average age of the TA soldier is 32 and the average age of the TA officer almost 40. I would be interested to know what the average age on recruitment was.

    Does anyone have the stats to hand?

  7. The Daily Torygraph does seem to be particularly receptive to whines from TA personnel - did someone on their editorial staff not enjoy their TA time?

    However, I do remember having some TA attached to the unit I was with in Oman - they were put in separate tents, and many were just put on guard endlessly, which caused a number of (legitimate) complaints. It was all down to one officer, and the OC TA who failed to stand up for his troops - rather like CDS isn't standing up to the govt against the cuts now.
  8. Well i was in basrah and got on well with most regular soldiers only heard the term stab used in a jokey way .Though some of the graffti on the tables got quite nasty they were like a stone age version of arrse till the headshed had them painted black .
    Lots of people when driving out the main gate used to make ready in the chicane which pissed us off though i never heard of anyone shouting
    kill the stabs . though we did shout stag on stabs at the other plt when we got the chance as they did to us .
    It was remarked on by several officers we had a lot of senior privates
    but then ta is only a hobby so no real incentive to gain promotion if you dont want it .
  9. Nice one Bavvie! :wink:
  10. Gosh Snail Trail you clearly have a lot to share here, go on, give us the details behind you Knowing Remark, if you would, as you are clearly In The Know.

  11. I did hear of some incidents concerning our guys on Telic.

    I also heard the Lord, does indeed move in mysterious ways :D
  12. I think this Jill is a moaning old git....I have a friend in TA who got back from Iraq last month...he had no complaints of unfair treatment. (Apart from the endless p isstake when he fell out back of landrover)

    Now, I wouldn't appreciate the comments Jill says she experienced, but thats why I am not in the army.

    Surely she has to open her eyes a bit to the army, and all that goes with it...and the banter is the most notorious.

    Or maybe she's a fat ugly moose and just didn't get any cock...and having a rant cos she is p issed off
  13. I was on Telic (didn't have a number) and had no problems (with one exception) with the Regs. Lots of Stabs were pissed off because they felt they were being used incorrectly (ie out of trade) but realised that they were doing the jobs that had to be done.

    RSM Chilwell called an airport Stabs meeting one night to cheer up the troops and the most commonly heard comment (before the RSM spoke) was Good Grief are you a Stab too. Such was the RSM's sense of tact and diplomacy that the comments afterwards were very different.

    Incidentally I used the Stab word on exercise with a Bde HQ and was told by the Chief of Staff that "We don't use that word here" I put him right and told him that as far as I was concerned it was a badge of honour.

    Seriously though, on ops there is much to moan about and it's very easy to whinge that something is wrong because you're a poor mistreated stab. Stand back a step or two and listen to the regs moaning and threatening to leave just like the stabs are. Yes there are some Regs who think Stabs are shite, but they are in a minority and tend to be the poorer quality ones, just like the stabs who bleat on about the Regs have the same tendency.
  14. We had quite a few like that, never having touched the kit/equipment or held any of the relevant trade skills for the job they were being asked to use (mobilised to do another job).
  15. Mentioning no unit names ( but it rhymes with 131 Commando Engineer Sqn RE ) a mate of mine was there for GW2 and despite being RMQ'd up to the eyeballs and a large fit PTI as well he was neither allowed to run a range nor take the troops for PT.

    He is now a Civvie.