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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by cage88, May 22, 2009.

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  1. I am going to try to become an officer in the royal engineers, i am going into 3rd year of a BSc engineering course following on from my HND, im not a usual boring uni type of person, more of a lad that enjoys the craic with the bhoys and im just wondering,

    1. as i will be a graduate will u still get treated with respect as you have not climbed the ranks?
    2. will you get to have craic with the soldiers or will you have to hang about with only officers?
    3. are officers boring kunts or do they have the same craic s the rest of the bhoys?
    4. to become an officer do you have to be quite posh?

  2. What on earth are you talking about? Is that an anagram?
  3. The long and short of it is:

    1. to get the troops' respect, you will have to earn it. This is difficult, but not impossible, and unquantifiable in general terms. It depends on them and you.

    2. you will be able to have a craic with the guys, but not too often. It is better to be invited than impose your presence. You will have to do a certain amount of hanging around with officers too.

    3. it depends. The younger the mess, the bigger the craic (generally).

    4. (sigh) no.
  4. thanks mate, was wondering if i was going to get any serious answers! im just not sure officer is the right route for me, at adsc i got advised to go the officer route as they said i showed alot of leadership qualities but im just worried ai would not enjoy it as much as a soldier!
  5. Best thing is to go in as a Warrant Officer. That way, you get the best of both worlds.
  6. What?
  7. If i had the quals , as you do, id be going in as an officer no question... The craic mite not be as good but in the long term, its by far the better career path..

    What other role/trade would you be looking at going in for, if not officer??
  8. You're going to have a laugh wherever you end up - thats the nature of soldiering and a sense of humour is a key tenet when the sh*t has hit the fan.

    I'd go down to ERLS and do the intial interviews, have a look around what the Corps has got to offer and go from there. You can specialist in Para/Cdo/Armd/lt role/Mech...

    or if you really want to geek it up you can become a Professionally Qualified Engineer (PQE) and spend your life designing infra for Theatre!
  9. well at the start i was thinking about going in as a avionics/electronics tech bu thats out the window! royal engineers is for me because of the variety of stuff you can do, with my run time at adsc 8.44 i think i would do the para course but id love to do the diving tickets aswell, fingers crossed i will be able to do both!
    while i am doing my degree i am going to try all the officer selction and see how it goes,i do not mind going in as a soldier atol but as you said officer is by far the better carear path.
    as for being a geek and designing stuff, thats just not fo me!
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Is your keyboard broken, or is that just the best you can manage? To be taken seriously on here, and later in your career, you will need to drop the chav chat and start to use correct English.

    The craic is not limited to the "bhoys" (whatever they may be). Most officers will tell you that life in the mess, particularly as a young officer, is as good as you want it to be - which usually means good fun.
  11. The Duke has spoken, to be fair i am not a chav i am just used to writing in slang format and it is hard to get used to writing serious english as this is just a forum and not a essay for uni!
  12. I believe it is an African derived term for "gentlemen belonging to a specific grouping".

    Is the original poster a member of an LA based gang, or a fcuking tool trying to give it some street based "large, innit, blood" whilst sucking through his teeth?
  13. Even RE Officers are expected to spell correctly. It really is not "cool" or clever not to; and it will gain you no friends.
  14. Is this where the expression "black Irish" comes from then?
  15. Get used to using correct english as you will have paperwork to get through and I will gaurantee that informal slop will be tossed back at you.

    It's not about being posh but try to bear in mind that a good officer can communicate clearly and correctly in a variety of formats.

    Rant over....

    Good luck to you though. The job is what you make it and you've had some sound advice from experienced guys on here. Have you been for your PO visit yet?