Treated Differently

Im hoping to start training at ITC Catterick at the start of next year but I will only be 17. Will i be treated any different by the other recruits and staff to the rest of men that will probabily be older. Any help would be great. :D
Take lots of **** lube, as you will be the platoon biatch, with your only purpose being to provide the 'men' with a source of amusement, sexual gratification, and the occasional cuddle.

Hope this helps.
Seriously though, as long as you pull your weight, get stuck in, give help when required, seek help when required, you should be fine.
No matter what the age, your all going to be in the same boat.
Good luck, all the best.
I found everyone got treat exacly the same, age didnt come into it. I was 17 at the time, the oldest bloke was 26. In some ways being bit older and more mature can make things easier, but dont be worried as most lads will be aged 18-21.
just depends tho if you a silly immature little while i was at selection at lichfield 70% of the lads were 17 and just acted like 9 year olds pissing around.....
Just be part of the team, muck in, dont gob off and do your best. remember everyone else is going through the same as you, some can hide the fact there struggling at things. There will be somethings your good at and other things you struggle with just find everyones strenghts.
Good luck
everyone gets treated the same

however in training i found it was always the gobby little 17yr olds getting the platoon beasted

fcuked me right off
I know what you mean Chris about attitude etc but I should be ok because i dont have an attitude and im ready to get stuck in with anything that is needed to help and do my share of the work. :D

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