Treat yobs like the criminals they are, says former Met boss

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stoatman, May 23, 2005.

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    Amazing how they only come out with sense like this after they've retired..... :roll:
  2. Absolutely spot on, Stoatman. Why didn't he try to push this through when he was at Scotland Yard? They're all the same.

    No doubt Mike Jackson and his ilk will be attacking the infantry re-org when he's a civilian non-executive director somewhere, and the army is getting the snot kicked out of it in some Third World toilet in five year's time.

  3. What goes around cums around. Or words to that effect.
    My youth in the sixties saw the relaxation of accepted social standards, the "swinging sixties".
    Now UK and old Europe is getting into a social system that just cannot work, long time.
    Too much so called liberty and not enough responsibility. Time will cure, the Fatherle ss will becum B'stards they always where and the sluts who breed them will learn a responsibility when the fruits of the loins desert them.
  4. The problem is that to fix this epidemic of criminality will require a very brave government, which we haven't got and have no prospect of in the immediate future.

    Stoaty's 5-point Plan:

    Build more prisons
    Enforce the existing laws
    Lock people up for longer
    Stop prisons being like holiday camps - bring back uniforms and hard work.
    Corporal punishment for minor offences (ask the Brit who was caned in Singapore recently whether he's going to do what he did again - he told the press he damn well wouldn't!)
  5. Stoatman for el presidente! :D