Treasury Trickery - Robbing Peter to pay Paul

From the FT

Now tell if I'm wrong but this looks like the Treasury being "smart" again.

MoD gets go-ahead to free up funds

What I don't like is that this basically says we couldn't afford the Carriers with the budget we were given and that the Treasury, rather than give us more money has allowed a swapping of cash across budgets.

However, in return the MoD has been forced to order a “no-holds-barred” look at other defence projects in a move that will create new uncertainty over other contracts.
Hmm, worrying. How much pain does this imply? As the procurement world is squealing like a pig anyway, this does not imply a pleasant time ahead.

Under the accounting changes, defence officials will be able to move some funds between the three years of the Comprehensive Spending Review and use money allocated for annual capital spending for resource spending
Now someone tell if if I'm wrong but this implies this means nicking money from annual refurbishment and upkeep programmes. Yes? To me this means Propman and programmes like it are going to get a kicking

An MoD spokesman said the ministry was determined to prioritise spending plans “to do more to support our people here and on the frontline”.
How on earth does this statement equate with realigning budgets to pay for a Carrier programme that won't be in service for at least ten years :? All in all this stinks of another short term crisis management decision that ultimately will hurt the Sevices, sooner rather than later. :evil:
Sounds like spend now and let the next government pick up the pieces to me. Gormless Gordon obviously feels that spending money now and leaving the coffers empty for the future won't be his problem.
My drama is that this is not a problem that will rise in 3 or 4 years time. It could happen immediately.

Where is the money to come from? Training, housing, overseas exercises, staffing numbers? This suggests all and that's what I don't like about this. All of these have to fight for every penny they get in the round and this decision puts all of then in danger of losing money.

What will happen will be a garrison will suddenly realise that it has x% less money to spend RIGHT NOW on what it needs to keep garrison buildings (as an example) to standard.

Pish poor strategic planning means a complete inability to project plan at a lower level with any reasonable confidence.

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