Treasury pay cap for Armed Forces could be challenged by Government’s own advisers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, Dec 16, 2011.

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  1. Well they didn't challenge the last 2 years pay freeze
  2. Last paragraph is typically not answering the point. The point was pay rises and the MoD spokesman said

    “The process of setting military pay has not changed and remains the same as it has done under previous governments. Armed Forces personnel will continue to get pay increments in addition to the 1 per cent pay increase. Annual increments are not affected

    You don't get pay increments if you've reach the top increment, therefore not all armed forces personnel will get pay increments and will instead receive in effect a pay cut due to inflation.

  3. Yep true, I've been at the top of my pay spine for a few years now and thus no pay rise at all for last two years and a minimal one to come. Glad to see that fine art of Civil Service spin and double speak is still being practiced.
  4. I think this is a bit of risky line here - given the vast majority of the CS is on a total pay freeze - e.g. no progression, let alone increments, the armed forces remain relatively unusual in Govt in that they essentially receive 2 payrises per year - the increment, and the AFPRB award. I am not aware of any other part of HM Govt that receives this. Even during the pay freeze, the military continue to progress up the spine.

    At a time when many public servants are on frozen pay, based on wage scales drawn up and last revalorised 5-10 years ago, and the private sector is still in major pay freeze territory, I wouldnt complain too loudly about the lack of a pay award, otherwise the eyes of sauron (aka the media) may start asking why the armed forces can still theoretically get 2 pay rises per year...
  5. the problem though is not so much about paycut 2k still causing paycuts on into the future its about the disparity thats being caused for those on afps75, those out in the period up to 1st april 2012 will be significantly better off than those who leave after based on pension increases, this isnt so for those on afps05 since there has been some variance instrument agreed wiht HMT for that plan, so whilst its not great when your at the top of the tree (i sat at the top of my pay tree for some 4 years before i was finally md'd) its not really a major concern and i cna see the afprb doing what there told and applying minimal up to 1% rises across the board, much the same way as they gave 1% at the bottom and .015% at the top some years back...
  6. NHS get annual increments as do Teachers & Local Gov. In the old days the (MoD) CS did as well but various pay agrements moved them away from a spine point system with annual increments
  7. " In the old days the (MoD) CS did as well but various pay agrements moved them away from a spine point system with annual increments "

    Increments are still in place, we just dont move up them at the moment. Said increments were last revalorised about 6 years ago, so its no wonder MOD keeps losing its best and brightest when all it can offer is a pay freeze on a 2005 salary award as its competitive salary!