Treasury hits the nuclear button...?

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by HE117, Dec 4, 2010.

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  1. The link seems gubbed ?
  2. Seems down now: there was a lot going it seemed - managed to go through it once.
  3. Link now fixed..

    Opening statement...

    "More than £250 million will be stripped from the armed forces' £880m allowances budget in a series of purges ordered by the Treasury.

    Perks for senior officers, such as payment for chefs, cleaners, drivers and gardeners, will also be slashed and military personnel of all ranks will be asked to make personal financial contributions to some allowances such as those which cover travelling from home to work.

    Defence chiefs have accepted that the cuts are likely to cause a "bloodbath" within the military. Senior officers warn it could seriously damage troop morale. "

    I would suggest that "Senior Officers" are probably right...!
  4. If only everybody due all the allowances claimed them,that cost would be alot higher. Took me till my last three years to discover all I was due!
  5. Edited for accuracy
  6. The only thing that would raise my morale right now is a Trident launched at the Treasury.
  7. That is ****ing typical! Great news..
  8. A Good Buzz - it was due to be announced last week, but the PM wouldn't sign off on it. Said it required "more work". I'm not sure if that's good or bad!
  9. Maybe they're waiting for a bad news day?
  10. I suspect this will be very bad news indeed. That bad that they will wait until after christmas, so as not to send the troops on leave on a downer!! There are lots of rumours and much speculation on this website, we will just have to wait and see however my gut feeling is that it will be pain for all.....................
  11. Boldnotold

    Boldnotold LE Book Reviewer

    Come on, how is the nation going to fund third homes rented by MPs who are letting out the second homes we paid for, if we don't get the money from those who can least afford it?
  12. Hilarious.
  13. First post - from a submariner on an Army site - 'Joint' is bliss!

    Seriously though, an interesting thread and I fear about the consequences of this review of allowances. What makes it more difficult to accept, is that this is an internal review, presumably undertaken by serving officers within DCDS(Pers), which would appear to overlap with and undermine successive AFPRBs. These have been accepted by Governments of all persuasions since the early 1970's. The review would appear to be amending and altering Terms and Conditions of Service as well as the myriad of Service Allowances.

    It appears to have been rushed through, was about to be announced to serving personnel, but has not survived first contact with Ministers. I am appalled by the way in which, it would appear, they are going to radically reduce/overhaul the allowances. Whilst I am not an advocate of Unions or militancy, if this were the Civil Service there would also be consultation with Professional Bodies and Unions - so who is representing the interests of each and every sailor, soldier and airman?

    I suspect there could be unintended consequences of tinkering with, reducing or removing Specialist pay, Get You Home pay, LOA, CEA et al. We are NOT MPs or indeed Joe Public, members of the Armed Forces forego much of what is taken for granted by civilians, so we should not be treated in the same manner. If George Osborne is staggered with the rates of Specialist Pay he should get off his shiny warm treasury seat and visit some Servicemen.

    I await with baited breath, the presumably toned down (and more politically acceptable) version of the review of allowances.
  14. So lets have a guess at what will be cut under the allowances review. Here is my prediction:

    1. CEA chopped for all new applicants & rules tightened for those currently in receipt.
    2. LOA chopped by 50% (best get rid of the tax free car) with total scrapping by mid 2011.
    3. HDT max distance drastically reduced.
    4. Specialist pay stopped after 2 years in a 'desk job'.
    5. Like the Americans made to pay for our own uniforms - but no allowance.
    6. IE scrapped.

    Like I said I am no expert!! Expect those in Middle-Management & Senior levels to PVR/Sign-off in droves - hence saving the MOD paying out redundancy payments. Anyone else like to add?