Just thought you would like to see what I found on the RAC Forum by Sloping Wire

As to Arms/Corps...they clearly specialise, and unless you know what you want from the Army, this could lead to a drama. I'm a Gunner, but I have specialised very heavily in one area for years, and all my time has been as part of an All Arms organisation (Cav and Inf), but unless standing around the back of guns flicks your switch...don't!

Comments SLOPEY?
Resurgam, you are clearly a man after my own heart! :D

In answer to your burning question:

Hardman_wannabee said:
Hi again. I've posted similar messages on the Inf. and Gunners boards. Basically i'm gonna join up but can't choose between the RA, RAC and Inf. So what's the life like, what are the lads like, what jobs are best etc. PS please dont direct me to any army sites i've read em all in great detail! (Sad i know!) Cheers boys.
My response was as you have thoughfully detailed above. It seems fairly straightforward. We (the Gunners) offer a great deal of variety, but whilst I had several years of fun lurking 'between the trails', it doesn't necessarily follow that everyone would derive the same enjoyment! Too many young people join the Army having received duff information about the reality of the job/trade they are coming into.

Resurgam - noise down! Save your bile and vitriol for those who truly deserve it - and we all know who they are!! :D

Come on it had to be done.

Mind you on further reflection I am not sure that the gunners would want someone with so little get up and go.

You were probably right :D
TSW is not a traitor even though he keeps slagging off air defenders who are also gunners as well arent they?

TSW does post some very tredious posts though, he clearly has no life. :D
listen **** off with the crab joke our cap badge is the same as yours. The repentment to the fact that me can perform tasks harder than point end off the shell goes in first may hurt i know but let it go

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