Treason or Terrorism?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by blessed baby cakes, Feb 21, 2004.

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  1. Yes, try them for Treason, they took to fighting for the otherside.....

  2. No, trying them under the terrorism laws, they acted as terrorists.....


    Try and Why

    I think if you take arm against the UK forces, you have committed treason, as laid down by the definition.....


    Okay maybe not the section I wanted, but close, James Joyce was accused of Treason as he held a British Passport, as did these guys, when he was involved in actions that would basically, by little means other than writing at the time, fall into the above section of the act post Nice.
  2. Why not do them for both treason and terrorism? By now the government has probably watered-down the sentences for either to a caution and a little community service anyway.

    However, Labour's strong voter base in Asian areas leads me to think that there will probably be no prosecution because Lord Falconer's CPS will find it's 'not in the public interest'.
  3. Or we could try them, and try and ascertain guilt first?
  4. The tabloids are already trying them, are they not?
  5. They're as guilty as sin. Why were they in Afghanistan hanging out with the Taliban in the first place. They should have been topped out there, the press coverage would have been finished long ago.
  6. blessed baby cakes wrote

    James Joyce :?: 8O Author? Died peacefully in Switzerland in 1941?

    William Joyce, otherwise 'Lord Haw Haw', Goebbel's stooge, accused of, tried for and finally (result!) hanged for treason in 1946. Spam born Irish, but the tw@t got himself a British passport before he fcuked off to work for the goosesteppers. Oops! :D
  7. Seadog, Thank you!
    I stand corrected; I seem to have mixed my Joyce’s!
    I did actually mean William, and not James.
    Apologies to all poetry fans. :oops:
  8. Had to read some James Joyce once. We should have hung the bugger for pretentious writing.
  9. I wonder what evidenve the spams collected against these guys.
    if they were carrying arms then they deserve all they get.
    if they were a bunch of tossers wandering around wanting to join the jihad they have porbably learned there lesson. :lol:
    doubt the truth will ever come out at least one of the guys left isn't going anywhere having been caught at tora bora
  10. Well, how about the guy who had gone to Afghanistan backpacking and was arrested by the Taliban and chucked into a Kandahar prison cell. So the spams go into the prison, take all the inhabitants and send them to Guantanamo Bay. calling Baddass...if these guys were imprisoned by the Taliban then how the f*** can they be on the same side, you silly chap.

    My enemy's enemy is my friend, non? 8O

    Some of those guys were there legitimately before the war and all of a sudden, just cos the USA decides to go to war, we decide that they're all guilty of treason against Britain. How does that work? If they were there doing their crazy-assed religious fundamentalist pish and our Army turns up what the hell are they supposed to do? Turn round and say...sorry lads...that looks like Tommy Atkins and co. I'd best drop my weapons and surrender. Even if they had, they'd still have been strapped to bloody wheelchair stretcher contraptions in Cuba for 2 years without a trial cos they happened to be in Afghanistan when the USA wanted a scalp in revenge for the WTC hijackings.

    I'm sure some of those guys are terrorist sympathisers, but we can't simply lock up every Muslim in every country we decide to invade, just cos we don't like their attitude. I get a feeling that we're doing the same to muslims just now that we did to irishmen during the 70s and 80s, that is treating them all like terrorists just to be on the safe side. Look at those guys in Belmarsh...we're holding blokes indefinitely without charge...without evidence! If there's no evidence then at what point do we admit it and that we don't actually KNOW that they're enemies of the state, just that we suspect it. Sounds awfully like the McCarthy trials or Salem witch trials, where people were persecuted purely on hearsay or where some dodgy git with an axe to grind decides to drop a name he knows is innocent.

    Democracy isn't a dirty word, troops. How would you feel if someone held a member of your family without trial, without evidence for 2 years, claiming that it was in the interests of public safety. Or do people think that Muslim = terrrorist?

  11. 749

    749 Old-Salt

    are we back to the times of Robin Hood, King Richard and co?
    thought the crusades had finished
    if they were guilty then send em down
    if not release them and stop my taxes going up again to pay for them to be held at HM's pleasure
  12. I see your point Baddass , but one of these guys was lifted in Zambia.

    Now the Americans are releasing them to us. If they really were such a threat to our , or the Spammies security, they'd still be rotting in the sunshine now. As i said before, if there is sufficient evidence, it must go to trial here. If there isn't, then release them.

    BBC, your poll , IMHO needs one more category

    Release them, there isn't sufficient proof.

    Unlike the boys lifted in Sudan?, with a boot full of Klashnikovs, on the way back from zapping a coach full of tourists , one or two of these people, were already in jail. From local sources, one of the jailed, was there for distributing anti-Taliban literature. Brave boy, I can only assume being British, saved him from the meathook.

    I think I'd be happier, to see at least some form of evidence gathering, and procedure to trial on that basis, rather then take the cousins lead, and say "They are all guilty, Fugg them"
  13. There's always the Deliverance punishment. Squeal piggie!