Treason: Just Another Silly Antiquated Idea?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Yank_Lurker, Oct 8, 2008.

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  1. Certain people around ARRSE seem to think that it's not a problem at all that a man who aspires to the leadership of these United States has as a long time business partner and political ally, a man who without question committed treasonable acts, only getting off due to the mercies of the justice system he attempted to destroy.

    Or perhaps some Obama ally around here can somehow spin Ayers' acts to not exactly fit the definition of treason as given in the Constitution of the United States? :roll:
  2. So you'll be voting for Obama then?
  3. Appearing on The G. Gordon Liddy Show 11/8/07, McCain praised Liddy's "adherence to the principles and philosophies that keep our nation great,".
  4. We have out own treasonous Priminister, why should we be interested in the Amricans little difficulties?
  5. Ever listen to Liddy's show?

    Thought not.
  6. I know someone who smokes weed, does that make me a drug user?

    I know a bloke with a PhD. in science, does that make me a genius?

    Is it no longer possible to run an election campaign focussed on your strengths rather than sling mud at the opposition?
  7. I don't know anyone personally who exploded bombs in the US Capitol Building and the Pentagon, and if I ever met Bill Ayers I'd tell him to his face that he should be swinging from a gallows, and I'd gladly pull the lever.

    I wouldn't go into business with him, or use his home as a launching ground for my political career.
  8. Honestly, no real idea. But a few do seem to have a lot of interest vested in telling us how to vote.
  9. Would you work at the same company as him? Or sit on the same trust boards as him? Are all the members of that particular charity trust's board now guilty of conspiracy to treason as well as Obama?

    Republicans are getting desperate - their combination of geriatric/creepy and cheerleader (in brains as well as looks)/gun-toting nutcase will not be enough and they know it. If this is the best argument they can come up with as to why people shouldn't vote for Obama, the election is already lost for them and good riddance too.
  10. The political/social aims of the Annenberg Challenge and its board mebers were quite neatly aligned with Bill Ayers' political worldview. And Obama's worldview is quite obviously neatly aligned with Ayers'.

    Any friend of Ayers is no friend of the United States of America.
  11. Source:

    So, funding failing public schools is anti-American? You're making this pretty easy for me, really. Do you have any concept of what the Annenberg Challenge actually does or are you just spouting whatever drivel FOX News feeds you?

    1 - How are the actions of the Annenberg Challenge equatable to bombing public buildings?

    2 - What exactly is wrong with Obama chairing the board of a charitable trust with the laudable aim of improving education via philanthropy. What makes such an aim 'anti-american?'

    3 - Although Bill Ayers committed bombings in the past, his actions with regard to the Annenberg Challenge seem to all and sundry to be entirely philanthropic and not at all related to his previous atrocities. Why do you object to former bombers from supporting charities?

    4 - It basically all boils down to this: A man chaired a board of directors for a charitable trust for an entirely worthy cause. Sitting on the board was a man with a criminal past (for which he has never been tried nor convicted). Is the chairman of the board guilty merely by association, despite denouncing and distancing himself from the other member's past actions? I think not.
  12. He's not his friend, you cretin. He's repeatedly said so and his actions have borne that out...
  13. Gordon Liddy? Now, there is a man we could use right now
  14. The more I read of yank_lurkers posts the happier I am to have won the lottery of life and been born an Englishman.
  15. Besides I thought war had a legal basis involving two or more nation-states. Is Ayers a nation state?