I haven't even had one forkful of Christmas dinner and I'm already on about training!

Just flicked through the cross-trainer thread on here as I've just got one (worth the money btw) and wanted to get some views on treadmills as I was going to purchase one in the new year. A mate of mine says they're nothing in comparison to a jog - well she does a few laps round Finsbury Park in North London but that's not neccessarily what I trying to replace with a treadmill. Anyway, digressing a little, what are the major differences between the two (apart from one being outside and one being inside)? Most of the motroised ones have levels of inclines and so on to simulate uphill running etc, would I be missing out on something very vital apart from the wind blowing through my hair?
I dont like treadmills because they are just so boring :)

Id much rather get outside, get some fresh air, see some things, if you no what I mean :wink:

And I dont like the soft base on treadmills, but for some that may be a good thing
Ditto jmc, the thought of four walls, crap ventilation and no eye candy really does my head in which is why I just cant do treadmills.

Although treadmills are handy when its p!ssing it down outside, I cant help but think that you aren't QUITE doing the same amount of work by not having to propel yourself forward.

Not exactly a technical answer, maybe someone who knows could expand either way?

MyssL, spend your money on a good running jacket or whatever floats your boat to get you out running in the bad weather, and enjoy spending the change!
I'm lucky in that I have proper enviroment for x-trainer indoors. Tele/dvd player in view. Good music and whatever rocks your boat for watching. I often get on it just for this when it is pitch black and raining outside.
jmc73 said:
I dont like treadmills because they are just so boring :)

Id much rather get outside, get some fresh air, see some things, if you no what I mean :wink:

I totally agree with that, i would rather run in snow, rain, hail, sleet than on a treadmill
I don't mind running when it's pissing down etc. (got caught in a downpour the other day :x ) but I find that as a female I don't feel particularly comfortable running on my own in the dark (and it's always bloody dark at the mo I am at work during the day) so for this reason I use a treadmill.
For the summer seasons though nothing beats running outside.
However, if you do prefer running on a treadmill it's a worthwhile investment. A couple of friends own one due to weather, running in public and things like that.
Using a treadmill is alot better for you... it is flat and cushioned and alot more easier on the joints and if you have suffered with shin splints I recommend it...definatley for a period. The only negative side of treadmills is that you get used to a specific runing action / movement (if you use it over a long long period of time) - as you run within a 3 foot space. Running outdoors allows you to 'stretch' out and have more movement and is more natural... you also burn more calories running outsdoors.
It can be a good aid as you can also use the heart monitor (if it has one) and you can run on inclines and so still push yourself.
Just remember that road running can't be escaped and shouldn't be still need to experience the weather, uneven surfaces etc...
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