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The floor in our gym is a little uneaven. We are trying to decide where to put the treadmills, the question is should they be level?

Using a spirit level on the machine track, in one location it is level and in the other there is an incline. I can't tell if one is on a slight downslope, hence level or the other on an upslope hence raised. The spirit level is too short to measure the floor gradient. It does make a significant difference in the run.

Yes, I do know that the 'up' is better training, but which is the default? I can't find the answer anywhere - anyone know?




Treadmill should be on an even surface.
Just checking the treadmill may not work.
I once did a sideline in repairing those deathtraps.
Most treadmills have a slight incline to them as the moter and other bits are usualy a slight bit higher than the rear. the important thnig is to make sure it is on a even surface more than the actual incline try running on one on a realy unbalanced surface it has the same efect as running with a hangover very disoratating. Some machines even have a incline moter to create a incline it does increase the hardness of the workout.

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