Treadmills at silly inclines

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by JustLoitering, May 10, 2007.

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  1. Can anybody enlighten me as to why some people feel the urge to tilt the treadmill up to extreme angles and then stop themselves falling off the back by holding onto the control panel?
  2. thats funny watch an old woman at the gym i go to does that they might be aiming to climb a 90 degree angle mountain or something lol
  3. Well I can go one better than that and I feel the urge to share it with everyone too, Ive just saw some tw@t in the gym running backwards on the treadmill!! Whats that all aboout?!
  4. At the gym i go to the shoulder press faces the treadmills. And when i was doing my reps on it i saw some guy the i'm a macho guy get on a treadmill. Now i saw him doing his induction the week before and no his set speed by the instructor was 11, Now he looks around to see some of the young hot women and has the thought right got to show i'm amazing.

    Well he starts off about speed 8 by guess i don't pay attention to this until i hear beep beep beep he put the incline to around half way couple of seconds later beep beep and they keeping going, Now i look up his running like a hamster on speed about 5 seconds after bang he's lost the battle and is on his face getting thrown of the back of the treadmill.

    I now see him landing just in front of me to the right with some nice big carpet like burns at this point i get up and and go to turn the treadmill off. Laughing my arse off to see he put it to speed 19. (I couldn't do anything for about 5 mins from laughing so much) Was funny seeing him getting up and the medic of the Center giving him some help. He came back but i still laugh to myself.
  5. If they were actually walking up the slope I could see the point but surely by holding on they're just tipping themselves at the same angle and not climbing at all :?
  6. i was being sarcastic about the 90 degree its like level 3.5 or summin