treadmill vs outdoor running (1.5mile)

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by t-rex, Jul 30, 2006.

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  1. hello all. I've started my training for RSC and finding the 1.5mile run pretty difficult. I have noticed a difference in fitness but not that much. what i find is when i do the run on a treadmill i find it a alot easier, compared with running outside. For one, on a treadmill i seem to have more stamina. just wondering if anyone else had this problem and any advice on how to improve.

    My time is about 12.10mins at the moment with a couple of intervals walking. What would happen at RSC if you have a breather and had a bit of a walk but came in the required time?

    Hopefully i'll be a lot fitter by the time selction takes place.
  2. If your treadmill is set to 'flat' then you are effectively running downhill due to lack of wind resistance for one.

    Click it up a notch and see how you get on.
  3. Forget the treadmill if you can.

    I used one to get my time to that alloted for one of my advanced years. I then went out on the roads and nearly died.

    The treadmill isn't very good prep for real running.
  4. If you will be tested on a real run, practice on a real run.
  5. I have to use a tread mill due to sh_te location and its murder on my back, no idea why, think one leg may be longer than the other,

    I digress

    treadmills are good in moderation and to get you started as you can see your progress and increase performance/effort in steps

    However I'm not sure I'd recommend treadmills over fresh air, mixed terrain and a bit of rain

    I'm sure someone more qualified will point out that ergonomically its not very clever to hammer the tready

  6. I'm sorry i've been out for a while and may be missing something but 12.10 mins for 1.5 mile seems very slow, any having to walk over 1.5 miles doubly so. Are you carrying weight? (in a bergan i mean, not around your midrift). I'd of though 12.10 for 1.5 would be ok if your were carrying the treadmill on your back.
  7. I wouldn't let them catch you walking, but I walked (when there wasn't anyone near of course) twice for about 30 seconds. Still did it in 11 minutes (not particulary great). When I start basic I hear you have to do it again, and I am hoping it'll be much cooler and I'll be much fitter looking for a time in the nines.

    As for treadmills, stay away. I was told by my Sgt and I found running on them un-natural and uncomfortable. They are an unrealistic idea of what running really is. You certainly cannot beat getting out on the streets and hitting the road.

    With a treadmill, the 'road' is effectively moving, and you are just keeping up with it, rather than actually moving yourself.

  8. Do you find yourself going round in circles alot??? 8O
  9. Treadmills are great if you have to do your 1.5 on a treadmill but to train for 1.5 on the road I really suggest you get out on the roads. I don't recommend walking but I suggest starting the route about 80% of what you think you can manage and then speed up at the end if you have it in you. Also sone interval work or hill reps may help.

    PM me if you want more advice.

    Good luck
  10. would concur with most of the above....

    a treadmill is no comparison to 'real running'. I try to - work permitting - go the gym 3-4 times a week and use a treadmill for about 30 minutes in there.
    In between I run cross-country in a nearby forest trail(s) and the difference is huge.

    would say the treadmill maybe okay for filling in, or getting you started - but actual running, outdoors, in the elements is what is needed.
  11. If you must use a treadmill setting the incline to 4 simulates running on flat terrain. Better get a juldi on!
  12. The treadmill is a great training tool to get you to improve your 1.5 mile time


    Do not think the time you get will be the same, I myself find that I am much better on the road than on the treadmill as I get bored looking at the wall, also if you don't vary the run you never improve.

    Use the treadmill regularly and concentrate on the speed, but ignore the time and periodically test yourself on the roads. Also don't get too dishearted over your time as you will find it will improve when it comes to the actual run due to a mixture of excitement, adrenaline and having a group of lads with you always provides a boost.

    Running the 1.5 is a mixture of style and bollox, not fitness, I tend to find the best approach is to push out (about 90% effort) for the first third, drop back to a hard steady (about 75-80% effort) for the next third and then go for it (100%+) for the last, if you can say you name at the end then you haven't been trying hard enough. You can use the treadmill to perfect this "style"
  13. Treadmill ok,Roadwork Better...
  14. Oh my god, over 12min? You had better be an amputee. Running on the treadmill is easy because if you just jump in the air, the miles still tick away without you making any forward propulsion. If you must train on a treadmill, you need to do some serious hill reps every week to make up for the lack of proper running.
    Otherwise, man up a bit & get outside to train. Remember to chew your food properly, it's easier to get it back out when things get tough.
  15. Only excuse for using a treadmill is if the rounds are falling down all around! It is no real substitute for the variances of real running, changes in the continuity of the ground etc. For the most part they are located in nice comfy gym with air conditioning so not going to have the same affect on the body as running around a pot hole filled road in 100% humidity!

    Personally I prefer the road change of scenery and chance to be alone with thoughts etc, but then when its a foot deep snow and sleet everywhere then it is worth getting on with it in the gym, or maybe I just need to man up a bit, skin is waterproof!