treadmill vs hitting the road

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by computersaysno, Apr 28, 2008.

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  1. does anyone else find it easier to run outside? for past 3 months or so ive been training using a treadmill, getting about 11.15

    last night i mapped out a route and did the run in 9.48
  2. Yeah road is better, more things to take your mind off running, treadmills are ok but so boring
  3. people say its the oppositte, that running outside is harder and your 1.5m time is more realistic (which of course it is) but yeah I find it harder to run indoors, the monotony and the temperature affect me.
  4. Physically the treadmill is easier for a number of reasons, but the mentality of it will affect you a large amount; if you like some scenery, or actually watching the distance decrease then you may find yourself a lot faster outdoors.
  5. Treadmills are definetkly boring, in the end you're staring at the wall/window for however long you're on there for. Outside running is way better I find. Does anyone else prefer running in the rain (not heavy, but light rain)? I fnd it refreshing personally.
  6. yeah running in the rain is good, also the rain makes it easier because no pedestrians get in your way hehe
  7. I definitely find it easier running outside vs on the treadmill, however I dont know if this is because when running on a treadmill i always run on a 3.0 incline to simulate road running (instructors advice)...

    But a bigger concern for me is that I really dont like the idea or running a set route, for a 1.5m run I simply to 6 laps of a 400m standard running track, but think I would find it much harder to run a route.

  8. Keep clear of puddles though, you never know with some drivers!
  9. I was running treadmills for ages and had to force myslef to go out on the roads.........

    Now I'm addicted to it and haven't been back to the gym since. My 1.5 mile time is far quicker on the roads..but then I wouldn't want a piece of machinery to judge my fitness.

    Running at a 3 incline is harder than road running surely? That's a high incline for hard running? I've always been told it's a 1% incline to simulate road running but I could be wrong?
  10. i hate running on a treadmill for two main reasons.

    1. it feels like im not going anywhere and i find myself clock watching etc.

    2. because in my gym there are some very nice ladies and whenever they walk past i up the speed quite a bit and it ******* s me up!

    however i knocked about 2 minutes off my time when i transfered from treadmil to the road. well done mate
  11. When you run on a treadmill the momentum in the belt means you have to put in less effort for the same result as road running so if its on a higher incline your working your muscles more similar to if you were on the road (or so it was explained to me)
  12. I love running just as the rain is ending because nobody is out and its all quite but you dont get drenched as bad.
  13. ive just got back from gym on my lunchbreak it was raining so i went on treadmill...

    i know i know "if it aint rainin it aint trainin" etc but just reminded myself how dull it is
  14. A track is OK for seeing how quickly you can run a mile, but in practice, you will never run a perfectly flat route; certainly every official run I've ever done has started with either a deep river or a big hill or one after the other. I hadn't done much running when soaked through and wearing boots, and I found it pretty tough, so you might want to give that a go so you know what to expect.